Hipson Brook Railroad Bridge

Hipson Brook Bridge

On the shores of Pubnico stands a

lovely old stone bridge, under which

flows a little brook, a very peaceful

& quiet area.

A place where in the distance may

once have stood the Barony of

Philippe Mius d'Entremont.

One cannot help but imagine a

home full of laughing happy children,

playing in the fields or along the

shore, the Chapel that stood on the

nearby knoll where the family worshiped

together. The Chapel

that was given the name "Notre Dame."

"The Little Brook by the Knoll"

As the brook flows it remembers the lost

souls of long ago

Our family who lived and died on that

beautiful knoll on the shores of Pubnico

It sings it's mournful song for all of us to hear

For the families we lost..and for their memories

which we hold dear.

In the early morning mist in our minds the little

chapel we can still see

It's simple form guiding the lives of a people who

were happy and free

A symbol of our Lord standing high on that peaceful


Looking down at the resting place of many

a sleeping soul.

A house full of tenderness and joy stood by that

little brook so pure and clean

The laughter of children..the hopes of elders this

home had often seen

It beared witness that the Lord will be with us when

tragedy strikes us down

For when we knell on that lovely knoll their strength

we pray we have found

The symbol of our family stood proud above the house's

large wooden door

For as new children entered the home..it stood for

those who had entered

Yet in the stillness of the early dawn we can still

hear their painful cries from long ago

As they watch their happy Manor house burn..on the

shores of Pubnico

With empty hearts they were taken..many to far off

places still unknown

To face hatred and cruelty..compassion to many was

never shown

But their faith in God gave them strength to return

to their Acadie which they loved so

And begin their lives anew..on the beautiful shores of their beloved Pubnico.

Written by my friend..Lloyd d'Entremont

Close to that area was the burying ground. When the railroad, which passed through this section, was built in 1896-97, a certain number of skeletons were unearthed.
In 1997, a seventeenth century millstone was found under the water in Hipson brook, between the railroad bridge and the stone bridge. The millstone is on display at the Acadian museum in West Pubnico, Nova Scotia.

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