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The Norn Adoption Clinic

Installing the Object Injector and Observation Kit.

The first thing you need when installing these things is Creatures Update 2. You can get this at Cyberlife's download page
To download:

  1. Go to the page.
  2. Find Creatures update one.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Choose save file
  5. Remember where you saved it.
This file is about 1 MB in size so it might take a little while to download.

Now go to Cyberlife's page of Helpers. Using the instructions above (you probably don't need them but I wrote them just in case) download the New Object Injector.exe 26th Nov. '97 and observation kit.

To unzip them and install them just double click on them. You need to install the update before they will work.

A good place to find cobs is School for Pampered Norns. Some of the best .cobs include the fridge, the Encyclopedia Nornica books and the Grendel cage.

About installing cobs. For a cob to work when you unzip you have to:

Then just enter into creatures, click on the injector and there should be some cobs for you to inject.

Happy Norning!

Last updated 8 March 1998

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