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The Norn Adoption Clinic

What is Creatures?

Creatures is a new computer game brought out by Cyberlife. The stars of this game are caslled Norns. In this game you are given six Norn eggs and have to raise them. You must feed them, make sure they sleep, play with them and ultimately hope they breed and give you sucessive generations. The aim of this game is not just to look after your Norns, but to see what happens in an evolutionary sense when you breed the different Norns. This is educational because it lets you learn about evolution, genetics and looking after a "pet".
This game, while similar to tomagotchi, is much more complicated. Instead of looking after something that has programed behaviour, you are looking after a creature whose brain has been modelled on that of real life. To put it more simply, Norns are not responding to pre-programed commands, but think for themselves. This makes the job of looking after, guiding, teaching and nurturing your Norns much more challanging.
A Norn's brain, modelled that of a human, is made up of many nerve cells called neurons . This enables a Norn to be able to learn from its experiences. Norns can be taught through a punishment/reward method. If a Norn is bad (ie. it eats a weed which will make it sick) it will get a quick slap on the bottom. If it is good, however, (ie. it eats a carrot) it will be rewarded with a tickle on the nose. You can purchase this game at any software shop, but it is not available as a demo or shareware version. To find out more about this game, come on our guide through Creatures.

Last updated 8 March 1998

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