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The Norn Adoption Clinic

Welcome to the female Nursery!

If you adopt one of our Norns, and find out some additional information about it, tell us and we'll post it with the Norn's information.

Name: Kaylan
Age: 4 hours and 32 minutes
Generation: Unknown
Health: 76%
Comments: Kaylan, a nice adult Norn, loves to be around other Norns. Guessing by how she treated Alan (she slapped him a couple of times) I'd guess she grew up with a group of Norns. She isn't that bad, however, she only slapped Alan twice. After that, she seemed to get on with him really well.
Kaylan is fascinated with the copmuter and all the sounds it makes. She really enjoyed learning and wanted to go through the books again.
Lobes - 9, genes - 267, Moniker - 7UAG.


Name: Veronica
Age: 1 hour and 56 minutes
Generation: unknown
Health: 97%
Comments: Veronica has the Zues gene.
She sleeps a lot because she has the defect a lot of Zues norns seem to have, her body makes too much of the sleepy hormones, so she is very sleepy all the time and needs wake-up pills to get her tiredness down.
Veronica gets on VERY well with other Norns. As soon as she saw Alan she tip-toed over to him and then "kiss-pop". She isn't pregnant unfortunately, because she is recovering from another pregnancy.
Lobes - 9, genes - 267, moniker - 2LAS.

Name: Yvette
Age: 9 hours and 15 minutes
Generation: Unknown
Health: 76%
Comments: Yvette has a very short attention span. To teach her the encyclopedia's I had to try three times. However, once she has learned the words, Yvette does not seem to "unlearn" them.
Yvette doesn't like eating much. She has eaten about three or four carrots, but she had to be coaxed. She needs to be fairly hungery to want to eat.
Lobes - 9, Moniker - 5IVX, genes - 954.


Name: Maeve
Age: 1 hour and 4 minutes
Generation: unknown
Health: 81%
Comments: Maeve seems to be scared of carrots. She had no problem eating cheese, honey, chocolate bunnies or lemons, but she did not liek carrots. She is a motherly Norn who likes to play with and look after the babies. She has not yet had any children, but I'd imagine when she is a little older she will be the mother of many. Maeve likes to have constant attention. If she is left by herself she gets very depressed. Maeve has 38 brainlobes and a moniker of 2ZVH.

Name: Felicity
Age: 4 hours and 10 minutes
Generation: 6th
Health: 100%
Comments: Felicity, grandaughter of Caramello, is a really good Norn to have around your Albia. Firstly she has the Highlander gene. This means she does not need much attention. She is also easy to feed and knows when to sleep.
Felicity is very fertile (I think she's had four children in my world). She gets on very well with other Norns and with the hands, and gets very lonely if left by herself.
Felicity has a moniker of 7KKX, a footprint of 1536 and nine brainlobes.


Name: Gwen
Age: 8 hours 48 minutes
Generation: unknown
Health: 76%
Comments: Gwen is a cute Norn with a fuzzy head, body, and tail. She has medium brown armbands and boots. She will eat if told to push food. She likes carrots. Her favorite toy is the ball. She likes to play the banjo. She likes to be in the temple area and garden. She knows her verbs. She is said to be fertile, having had at least one child, Nina. Gene: 286, Footprint: 1595, Moniker: 2YCR, Brainlobes: 9

Name: Dew
Age: 6 hours and 58 minutes
Generation: 4th
Health: 98%
Comments: Dew is an obedient Norn. She eats and sleeps with out causign you any trouble. She likes hanging around the garden, especially when there are heaps of lemons on the lemon vine.
Dew has 98% lifeforce, which means she has the Zues gene. This gene seems to be pretty dominant so once she starts breeding in your world, all your next generation Norns will be immortal.
Dew has a moniker if 7RAX, a fingerprint of 2876 and nine brainlobes.


Name: Jail and Alyssa
Age: 4:11 and 5:51 because of when they were exported
Generation: unknown
Health: 77%
Comments: Jail and Alyssa and fraternal twins. They are twins, but hatched from different eggs. Their previous owner said that while pregnant their mother had two numbers in her stomach in the breeders kit. These Norns do not have the same moniker (Jail's is 7VQV and Alysa's is 4FYV) so are not just a copy of each other, but two different Norns.
Alyssa and Jail are lovely Norns. Alyssa is easy to feed. Jail is not so easy, so has a bit of a hunger when you import her. They both enjoy playing (both with each other and other Norns) and are generally a pleasure to have in Albia.

Name: Rose
Age: 1 hour and 42 minutes
Generation: Unknown
Health: 87%
Comments: Rose refers to herself as "Ron." This is not bad, but it could get other norns confused. She knows all the verbs the way most people have them, except she says east instead of right and west instead of left. She also says rest instead of sleep. She is very musical, and took the trumpet out of the hand from a distance away to play it. Her life force is at 87%, so I think she might have a special gene or she might have been drinking the Happy Juice COB. Moniker: 7BlP, Fingerprint: 1386, Neurons: 954, Lobes: 9


Name: Christal
Age: 6 hours and 58 minutes
Generation: unknown
Health: 89%
Comments: Christal is a blond Norn who likes to play with the top. She is a good eater and her favourite food is lemons, but she will also easily eat carrots and cheese as well. Christal gets on well with the hand, who she calls Pookie. She has had a quite a few children while in her original owner's Albia. She would be an excellent Norn for anyone to adopt!
Her moniker is 1SSE, her footprint is 1533, she has nine brainlobes and 268 genes.

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Last updated 5 June 1998

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