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The Norn Adoption Clinic


This is a glossary of terms used on this page to help people who do not own the game Creatures understand what is going on.
Albia is the name of the world the Norns live in. Albia is a small world which you and your Norn can circumnavigate. It is a fun place for you and your Norn to explore. It is made up of many different environments. To find out more go to the Albian page on our tour of Creatures.
Neurons are the cells which make up both your brain and nervous systems. These cells are all linked together and responsible for all mental functions. These cells are also the "messengers" of the the nervous system. They can transfer information from one part of the body to another. For instance, if you have your hand on a hot cake tin the neurons between your hands and your brain would carry the message from your hand to the brain that the stove is hot and the message back from your brain to your hand to move. All though all life with mutliple cells have some form of a nervous system, some are more complex than others. In a human there are about 3 trillion neurons (3 000 000 000 000) whie in a Norn there are only a thousand (1000).
Grendels are nasty animals who live in Ablia with the Norns. They are the result of an earlier Artifical life experiment which developed a mean dispostion. These are a pest in Ablia as they spread diseases to the Norns and eat their food.
There are 4 foods in Ablia you can feed your Norn. These are: