Female Norns to Adopt
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The Norn Adoption Clinic

How to Adopt Norns

If you would like to adopt a Norn, follow these instructions.

  1. There is an underlined name under the picture of all the Norns. Click on the name of the Norn you would like to adopt.
  2. When your browser asks you what to do with the file, choose save file
  3. Put the file where ever you like, but remember where you put it. If you forget, you may have to do a search for it, or re-download it
  4. Click OK
  5. As these files are zipped, you will need WinZip to expand them, if you don't have it you can download it from my server There are a whole lot of different files you can download. Browse the list and do the same thing you did to download the Norn. To unzip WinZip, just double click on in a program like Windows Explorer or Program Manager
  6. Now got to the open option in WinZip
  7. Once you are here select the file where you placed the Norn
  8. After you press OK, go to the expand option on the toolbar.
  9. Here you will be asked where you would like to put the Norn. Choose the Creatures directory. (Probably C:\program files\Creatures)
  10. Click OK and now you have expanded Norn files!
  11. Now go into Creatures. In the File menu there is the option Import Norn. Click it. Now click the Norn's name, press OK and you should have a new Norn in Albia!

Don't worry that this looks like a lot of hard work, it isn't really. You can use pretty much this method to download and unzip any files on the net.

Last updated 8 March 1998

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