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To get to know the Norns, give them a tickle on the nose. They all LOVE attention.

Name: Alf
Age: 3 hours and 12 minutes
Generation: 3rd
Health: 77%
Comments: Alf is a good Norn. He does not get bored easily, he does not play with buttons to much, and he doesn't play with the grendel.
Alf likes to smile a lot especially after playing with the ball or eating honey. Alf's favourite food is lemons, he ate four in a row. He also loves Morning glories.
Alf's moniker is 1PPT, his fingerprint is 1367 and he has nine brainlobes.

Name: Broccoly
Age: 3 hours and 5 minutes
Generation: 4th
Health: 77%
Comments: Broccoly has the sweet gene. This makes him EXTREMELY fertile. He is said to have had more children than his previous owner can count.
Broccoly is the son of Bullet and Bee. He is VERY smiley. He likes to eat, especially honey. He will eat without being asked. Broccoly loves other Norns. He also likes being with the hand.
Broccoly likes to wander around Albia. He is never still. He has so much energy that the screen is always moving while you are watching him.
Broccoly has 9 brainlobes, a moniker of 4WQJ and fingerprint of 1677.


Name: Caramello
Age: 2 hours and 42 minutes
Generation: 3rd
Health: 100%
Comments: Caramello is the son of Phoenix and Bobby-pin. He is a very sweet Norn (but he's one of mine so I'm biased) who usually will follow instructions. He is easy to feed and he will eat anything, especially honey.
Caramello is a social Norn. He LOVES playing with other Norns! He is very fertile, he has had about three children.
Caramello has 9 brainlobes and a moniker of 0CLX.

Name: Alex
Age: 2 hours and 47 minutes
Generation: 1st
Health: 77%
Comments: Alex is one of those Norns who is harder to feed. I am not saying he is absolutely impossible like some I've met, but he doesn't just down carrots like Amanda. Alex's favourite food is honey, but he will eat most other things if honey is not available. Honey is the only thing he will eat without having to be asked.
Alex loves to play with toys and is extremely affectionate. He loves to please the hand.
Alex has a moniker of 2GPJ and nine brainlobes.


Name: Atom
Age: 3 hours
Generation: fifth
Health: 98%
Comments: Atom gets on well with other Norns. He has fathered three offspring. He likes breeding in groups. His favorite foods are grapes and carrots. His favorite toy is the top. Atom has the zeus gene. This Norn is not adverse to learning, and indeed learns very easily. He likes herbs, especially feverfew. Atom has nine brain lobes, a moniker of 9RSY and a fingerprint of 1376.

Name: Cester
Age: 2 hours and 9 minutes
Generation: 1st
Health: 77%
Comments: Cester's a handsome male, horse-headed Norn with green armbands, purple feet and green eyes. Crow, Cester's prveious owner, says Cester sometimes stoops when he walks, but he didn't while he was in my Albia. He probably wasn't there long enough. Cester knows the first 2 Encyclopedia Nornica books and has 9 lobes, a moniker of 3NXN and a fingerprint of 1308. He likes lemons and honey and is a good eater. He hasn't fathered any children yet, but I'm sure he'd be an excellent breeder as all his read-outs appear normal. The only adverse comment I can make on him is that he seems to be a bit of a loner, but this could just be because I only had three Norns (including him) in my Albia while he was there, and two of them were very heavily involved with each other.


Name: Babe
Age: 1 hour and 6 minutes
Generation: unknown
Health: 77%
Comments: Babe can be difficult to feed as he has a definate mind of his own. A slap to get his attention is sometimes neccessary as he seems to prefer standing, looking at the food, rather than obey the command to push it. He is currently too immature to father children, and I personally wouldn't let him. His brain activity looks pretty normal, but his descision guages rarely move. The one command Babe is usuallt quite happy to obey is, "Come Mimi," (the hand). I apologise to whomever was Babe's "Mommy", but I used the Encyclopedia Nornica Condensed 1 and 2 to make sure he had all his basic words, and that's where he picked it up from. Babe can be a lot of work, but he's also very afffectionate, and good with other Norns. I would recommend him as a big brother/uncle surrogate for your baby norns. He is not musical.
Babe has a fingerprint of 1765, moniker of 2XWI and 9 brainlobes.

Name: Fonzy
Age: 3 hours and 40 minutes
Generation: unknown
Health: 98%
Comments: Fonzy is a Norn with the Zues gene. He tires really easily and could sleep anywhere. When he gets tired, he will go to sleep. He doesn't have the fear of bedtime other Norns have sometimes. Fonzy is a pretty fertile Norn. While in my world I introduced him to another Norn available to adopt, Irene. As soon as they met I heard the tell-tale "pop" and Irene was pregrant. Fonzy has this strange habit of walking right not stopping even if he runs into a wall. He doesn't do this while he is with other Norns though. Fonzy has nine brainlobes, a moniker of 1VEU and a fingerprint of 1457.
a big-eared Norn with brown legs and orange arms and legs standing under a beach umbrella grinning

Name: Coal
Age: 10 hours and 20 minutes
Generation: unknown
Health: 98%
Comments: Coal is a really cool Norn. He has several really interesting characteristics. Firstly he still is a baby even though he is more than 10 hours old. Also, his fur has a really cool red tint to it and he had the Zues gene. Coal also has some Grendel in him. Not enough so it can be seen obviously, but enough to be traced in the Genetics kit.
As you can see from the picture, Coal loves lemonade. He will drink this all the time. Healthy food, like carrots, he will only eat when he is hungry. Besides lemonade, his favourite foods are carrots and coffee. Coal is musical. His favourite instrument is the drum. This is probably because it makes the most noise.
Unless there is always something going on, Coal will get bored and resort to wandering Albia.
Coal has a moniker of 2QML, fingerprint of 1020 and nine brain-lobes.

Name: Seth
Age: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Generation: 3rd
Health: 77%
Comments: Seth is a really sweet Norn who likes to smile a lot. He has the Saturn gene. Seth is one of the more quiet and timid Norns who like to be by themselves and can get scared very easily. He likes to play, especially with the ball and seems to be more interested in toys than other Norns. Seth is a Norn who likes to wander. Through his wandering he has met the Grendel, and doesn't seem to be much worse off for it. Seth gets sleepy really easily. Seth likes to play with the buttons.
Seth has a moniker of 6JIH, fingerprint of 1551 and nine brain-lobes.


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