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Crich Bus Rally August 1999


This page takes a brief look at the atmosphere

at the National Tramway Museum, Crich, Derbyshire.

August 1999

Photo's by Rod Smithtaken with Olympus C830L Digital camera Text by Simon Bramley

Also:- check out The National Tramway Museum,

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My personal favourite and star of the show
was this 1952 Plaxton bodied Austin, originally owned
by Scotts Greys of Darlington now in private hands.
The Aston Manor preservation group 
brought along two perfectly preserved  
Birmingham Corporation Daimler's.
Also appearing was this  
award winning A E C Regal IV as a  
London Country, in Greenline livery.


This is a Royal Blue coach from Portsmouth, (Bristol MW)



Royal Mail van from the 30's on cobbled streets of
the Tramway Museum


Crich site

View from Sherwood Foresters Memorial Tower
of  National Tramway Museum's Ground


Crich street

Street Scene at Tramway Museum
with Renovation of Old Public House
in Background


Leicester Tram

Leicester Tram Exhibit in Museum


Derby Tram

Derby Corporation Tram within Brush Display

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