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Arriva Derby

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A pair of Alexander ALX200-bodied Dennis Dart SLF were delivered at the beginning of 1998 for the Pride Park park and ride service. They carry Arriva's corporate turquoise and sand livery. 46 (R46 VJF) is seen in Derby Market Place. (DR)

Until the late 1970's Daimler chassis were favoured with Fleetlines following on from CVG6s. 312 (MTV 312W), since repainted into City Rider livery, was the last vehicle to carry the light blue and grey "Derby" livery adopted in the late 1960's. (DR)

Within a few months of the repaint of 312, the City Rider livery had become obsolete in favour of the new Arriva livery. A surprise repaint was elderly Fleetline 315, which appears to have a somewhat wonky curve in this picture! Also of note is the prefix 'D' to the old Derby fleet number, the fleet now being numbered with that of Arriva Fox County. (DR)

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From 1982 Derby switched to Volvo, building up a fleet of Ailsas and later Citybuses. 120 is a Northern Counties-bodied example from a batch of 13. (DR)

142, a Volvo Citybus, shows off its attractive Marshall bodywork. 142 is one of a batch of ten; the previous batch carried East Lancs bodies, and subsequent ones Northern Counties. It is seen in Derby Bus Station. (DR)

A contrast in liveries as Arriva-liveried 135 waits in the bus station alongside Fleetline 304 still in Blue Bus Services livery. (DR)

Five East Lancs-bodied Scanias, 160-4, were delivered in 1995; they were transferred to Fox County in Leicester in 1998 becoming 4180-4. 162 is seen here when still in Derby. (DR)

The batch of Olympians delivered in 1998 was the first to be numbered in the main Arriva Fox County series, as well as being delivered in corporate livery. 4627 (R627 MNU) is seen here carrying route-branding for Alvaston services 44/45. (DR)

Single deck buses, as opposed to coaches and dual-purpose vehicles, were completely absent from Derby's fleet for many years. However, eight Alexander-bodied Scanias arrived in 1988/9, and were joined by five East Lancs-bodied Dennis Darts in 1994. 34 is one of the latter, seen here in Derby Bus Station. (DR)

Five more Scanias arrived early in 1996, this time with East Lancs bodywork. 32 is seen in Derby Bus Station. (DR)

Two batches of Mercedes midibuses arrived during 1996 as replacements for older Optare City Pacers and Dodges. 80 is seen waiting in the Bus Station. It carries Alexander bodywork; the second batch were bodied by Plaxton.(DR)

New Vehicles are:-
2047 T47WUT, 2048 T48WUT, 2049 T49JJF, 2051 T51JJF, 2052 T52JJF,
2053 T53JJF, and 2054 T54JJF, which are all Dennis MPD Plaxton Pointer's.

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