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This list only includes postwar purchases and may not be complete - Please email any additions or corrections to this list - thanks!

Some notes on Derby's fleet numbering may be helpful. The prewar motorbus series reached 73, and the first wartime utility bus (a solitary Bristol K) took the fleet number 74. The series then reverted to 1, with 1-21 being Daimler and Guy utilities. By 1949, however, the new series was 'catching up' with the earlier prewar numbers, hence the jump from 41 to 75 to avoid duplication. This series then continued right up to 315, delivered in 1981; lowheight double deckers and coaches were numbered in separate series, as were the four Daimlers acquired secondhand from Halifax. A new series for new-generation double deckers was begun in 1978 by Foden NC number 101.

Trolleybuses followed on from the tram series, with the first one (79) arriving in 1932; the series then continued unbroken to 243 of 1960. The motorbus series nearly caught up with the trolleybus numbers in 1966, but the complete withdrawal of trolleybus services in 1967 eliminated this problem.

This page updated by Dave Root, August 2001


F/NoReg. No.ChassisBodyYear
186-215ARC 486-515Sunbeam F4Brush H30/26R1948/9
216-35DRC 216-35Sunbeam F4Willowbrook H32/28R1952/3
236-43SCH 236-43Sunbeam F4ARoe H37/28R1960


F/NoReg. No.ChassisBodyYear
22-31ACH 622-31Daimler CVD6Brush H30/26R1947/8
32-41BCH 132-41Daimler CVD6Brush H30/26R1949
75-84BCH 575-84Daimler CVD6Brush H30/26R1949/50
85-94BCH 885-94Daimler CVD6Brush H30/26R1950
95-104CRC 895-904Daimler CVD6Willowbrook H30/26R1952
105-9CRC 905-9Foden PVD6Brush H30/26R1952
110-4CRC 911-4Crossley DD42/8ABrush H30/26R1952
115-24KRC 115-24Daimler CVG6Park Royal H33/28R1957
125-34VRC 125-34Daimler CVG6Roe H37/28R1961
135-44YRC 135-44Daimler CVG6Roe H37/28R1962
145-54145-54 CCHDaimler CVG6Roe H37/28R1963
155-64BCH 155-64BDaimler CVG6Roe H37/28R1964
165-71HRC 165-71CDaimler CVG6Roe H37/28R1965
172-4HRC 172-4CDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXRoe H44/34F1965
175-84KRC 175-84DDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXRoe H44/34F1966
185-9KRC 185-9DDaimler CVG6Roe H37/28R1966
190-204NCH 190-204EDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXRoe H44/34F1967
205-19UCH 205-19GDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXRoe H44/34F1968
220-39XCH 420-39GDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXRoe H44/34F1969
240-54CRC 240-54JDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXRoe H45/29D1970
255-9OCH 255-9LDaimler Fleetline SRG6LX-33Willowbrook DP43F1972
260-71OCH 260-71LDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXRoe H44/34F1973
272-8NNN 272-8PDaimler Fleetline FE30AGRRoe H43/30F1976
279-88RCH 279-88RDaimler Fleetline FE30AGRRoe H43/30F1976
289-98XRR 289-98SDaimler Fleetline FE30AGRNorthern Counties H43/30F1978
299-308GTO 299-308VDaimler Fleetline FE30AGRNorthern Counties H43/30F1980
309-15MTV 309-15WDaimler Fleetline FE30AGRNorthern Counties H43/30F1981
47EVC 244Daimler COG5/40Park Royal B38F1940
49-52DCP 849-52Daimler CVG6 (52 was CVD6)Metro-Cammell H33/26R1954
250JGU 283KDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXBMCW H44/27F1972
253-5MLK 440-2LDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXBPark Royal H44/27F1972
256-9MLK 463/5-7LDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXBPark Royal H44/27F1972
247-9OJD 182/8/95RDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXBMCW H45/32F
267/8JOV 607/11PDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXBMCW
19/20SCH 19/20LBedford YRQWillowbrook C45F1973
15HTO 90NLeyland Leopard PSU3B/4RPlaxton C47F1975
16HTO 91NLeyland Leopard PSU3B/4RPlaxton C51F1975
21/2FDK 419/20DAEC Reliance 2U3RAPlaxton C45F1966
23PDK 463HAEC Reliance 6U3ZRPlaxton C45F1970
27/8DED 977/8LLeyland Leopard PSU3B/4RPlaxton C49F1973
9NNN 9PAEC Reliance 6U2RPlaxton C47F1976
10-1NNN 10-1PAEC Reliance 6U2RPlaxton C49F1976
12-3NNN 12-3PAEC Reliance 6U2RPlaxton C53F1976
1DVO 1TVolvo B58.5-64Plaxton C53F1979
2JRB 2VLeyland Leopard PSU3F/5RPlaxton C53F1980
3VRA 3YLeyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RPlaxton C50F1982
4A444 DTOLeyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RPlaxton C50F1984
5B555 HALVolvo B10MPlaxton C53F1984
6B666 KVOVolvo B10MPlaxton C53F1984
7C777 PNUVolvo B10MPlaxton C53F1986
27/9UFX 627/9XBristol LHS6LPlaxton C35F1982
28VPR 862XBristol LHS6LPlaxton C35F1982
31YRB 483Daimler CVG6Willowbrook L27/28RD1955
32465 FRBDennis Loline IWillowbrook H37/33RD1958
45-9GTO 45-9VDaimler Fleetline FE30AGRNorthern Counties H43/29F1980
50XRR 50SDaimler Fleetline FE30AGRNorthern Counties H43/29F1978
51-3NAL 51-3PDaimler Fleetline FE30AGRAlexander H44/34F1976
58YJA 20Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXAlexander H44/31F1963
61UBX 48Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1Weymann L39/34F1959-61
62WTH 113Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1Weymann L39/33F
63RTH 639Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1Metro-Cammell L39/34F
71RTO 1RVolvo Ailsa B55-20Alexander H43/34F1977
100LUG 480PVolvo Ailsa B55-10Alexander H44/35F1975
101WTO 101SFoden-NCNorthern Counties H43/30F1978
102GRA 102VMCW Metrobus DR102/4MCW H43/30F1980
103-5GTO 103-5VDennis Dominator DD120AMarshall H45/32F1980
106-8NRR 106-8WDennis Dominator DD120ANorthern Counties H43/30F1981
109-15SRC 109-15XVolvo Ailsa B55-10Northern Counties H38/35F1982
116-21TCH 116-21XVolvo Ailsa B55-10Northern Counties H38/35F1982
122/3STV 122/3XVolvo Ailsa B55-10Marshall H44/35F1983
124/5VRA 124/5YLeyland Olympian ONLXB/1RNorthern Counties H43/28F1982
206-10A206-10 DTOLeyland Olympian ONLXB/1REast Lancs H45/27F1984
126-8YAU 126-8YVolvo Citybus B10MDMarshall H45/33F1983
129-33A129-33 DTOVolvo Citybus B10M-50East Lancs H45/31F1984
134-43B134-43 GAUVolvo Citybus B10M-50Marshall H45/33F1984
144-8C144-8 NRRVolvo Citybus B10M-50Northern Counties H42/33F1986
149-53E149-53 BTOVolvo CitybusNorthern Counties1988
21-6E21-6 ECHScania K92CRBAlexander B51F1988
27/8F27/8 JRCScania K93CRBAlexander B51F1989
29-33N429-33 XRCScania L113CRLEast Lancs B51F1996
34-8L34-8 PNNDennis DartEast Lancs B40F1994
72-81N472-81 XRCMercedes Benz 709DAlexander B27F1996
82-92P482-92 CALMercedes Benz 709DPlaxton B27F1996


  • 100 was ex West Yorkshire PTE 3480 in 1981
  • 124/5 were renumbered 204/5
  • 31/2 were ex Tailby and George (Blue Bus), Willington in 1973
  • 21-3 were ex Yelloway, Rochdale in 1976 (21/2) and 1978 (23)
  • 27/8 were ex Warrington Borough Council 3/4 in 1978, and were exchanged for 250/3/4 (CRC 250/3/4J)
  • 58 was ex Greater Manchester PTE 20 in 1976
  • 61-3 were ex City of Oxford Motor Services 204/6/12 in 1976
  • 250/3-9 were ex London Transport DMS1283, DMS 440-2/63/5-7 in 1979/80
  • 175 became H44/31F; 260 became H44/32F
  • 1 was the first Volvo B58 delivered to a British municipal operator. Prior to sale it was reregistered with an ERC-T mark, thought to be either ERC 243T or ERC 247T
  • 47 ex Coventry 244 in 1949
  • 49-52 ex Halifax in 1967
  • 27-9 ex Courtland, Horley in 1984
  • 247-9 ex Thamesdown in 1986 in exchange for 106-8
  • 267/8 ex WMPTE
  • 115-24 were H32/28R until 1959
  • 142 is DPH45/33F

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