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Please note that a number of vehicles, in particular secondhand purchases, are still missing from this list. Apologies for this.

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This page updated by Dave Root, August 2001

Nottingham Corporation Trolleybuses

F/NoMotor MakerChassisBodyYear
1-10Dick, Kerr Co. LtdRailless Electric Traction Co.Short Bros. Ltd. dd-52-r1925-6
11-12Sims & Jeffries LtdRansomesShort Bros. Ltd. dd-52-ros1929
13-18Sims & Jeffries LtdRansomesSims & Jeffries Ltd dd-60-r1929
19-24English Electric Co. Ltd.English Electric Co. Ltd.  English Electric dd-60-r1930
25British Thomson-Houston Co. LtdGuy Motors Ltd.Guy Motors Ltd. dd-59-r1930
26English Electric Co. Ltd.  Associated Equipment Co. LtdEnglish Electric dd-60-r1930
27British Thomson-Houston Co. LtdClough, Smith & Co. Ltd.  Park Royal dd-60-r1930
28Brush Electrical EngineeringJohn I. Thornycroft & Co. Ltd.Brush dd-66-r1930
29-36British Thomson-Houston Co. LtdClough, Smith & Co. Ltd. Park Royal dd-60-r 1931-2
37-49Sims & Jeffries LtdRansomesEnglish Electric Co.Ltd.dd-60-r1931-2
1English Electric Co. Ltd. Karrier Motors LtdBrush dd-60-r1933
51-60English Electric Co. Ltd. Karrier Motors Ltd Metropolitan-Cammell dd-64-r1934
61-85British Thomson-Houston Co. LtdKarrier Motors Ltd  Brush dd-60-r1934
86-106Sims & Jeffries LtdRansomesSims & Jeffries Ltd dd-60-r1934
106-136General Electric Co. Ltd.Karrier Motors Ltd Metropolitan-Cammell dd-64-r1935
441Metropolitan-Vickers Co. LtdDaimler Motor Co Ltd.Waymanns Ltd. dd-56-r1938
442-445English Electric Co. Ltd.Karrier Motors Ltd Park Royal dd-56-r1944
447-451English Electric Co. Ltd.Karrier Motors Ltd Waymanns Ltd. dd-56-r1942
452-454English Electric Co. Ltd. Karrier Motors Ltd Park Royal dd-56-r1944
455-458English Electric Co. Ltd.Karrier Motors Ltd Waymanns Ltd. dd-56-r1944
459-465British Thomson-Houston Co. LtdKarrier Motors Ltd Charles H. Roe Ltd.dd-56-r1945
466-468British Thomson-Houston Co. LtdKarrier Motors LtdBrush dd-56-r1945
469-478British Thomson-Houston Co. LtdKarrier Motors LtdPark Royal dd-56-r1946
479-482British Thomson-Houston Co. LtdKarrier Motors Ltd Charles H. Roe Ltd.dd-56-r1948
483-495English Electric Co. Ltd.British United Traction Ltd.Charles H. Roe Ltd.dd-56-r1948
500-524English Electric Co. Ltd.British United Traction Ltd.Brush dd-70-r1949-50
525-534Crompton Parkinson Ltd.British United Traction Ltd.Brush dd-70-r1950
535-564Metropolitan-Vickers Co. LtdBritish United Traction Ltd.Brush dd-70-r1950-2
565-571Crompton Parkinson Ltd.British United Traction Ltd.Brush dd-70-r1952
572-586English Electric Co. Ltd.British United Traction Ltd.Brush dd-70-r1951
587-601Metropolitan-Vickers Co. LtdBritish United Traction Ltd.Brush dd-56-r1951-2

Nottingham City Transport

F/NoReg. No.ChassisBodyYear
1/2BTV 601/2KBedford YRQWillowbrook C45F1972
11RTV 11NLeyland Leopard PSU3B/4RDuple C53F1974
12-5GRC 882-5NLeyland Leopard PSU3B/4RDuple C53F1974/5
16HNU 126NLeyland Leopard PSU3B/4RDuple C53F1975
17-25HNU 117-25NLeyland Leopard PSU3B/4RDuple C49F
26-8JCH 396-8NLeyland Leopard PSU3B/4RDuple C49F
798/9GTO 798/9VLeyland Leopard PSU3E/4RDuple C53F1980
795WAU 795YLeyland Tiger TRCTL11/2RDuple C49F1982
78383 RTOLeyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RDuple C49F
784B784 JAULeyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RZDuple C53F1985
794B794 JAULeyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RZDuple C49F1985
785-6E785-6 BTVLeyland Royal TigerLeyland C53F1988
793E793 BTVLeyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RZPlaxton C53F1988
791-2F791-2 JTVLeyland Tiger TRCTL11/3ARZDuple C53F1989
796J796 CNNLeyland Tiger TRCL10/3RZAPlaxton C57F1991
797M784 RVYBovaBova C53F1995
781-3T781-783 LCHVolvo B10M-62Plaxton C53F1999
787-8V787-8 EAUVolvo B12TPlaxton C53F2000
Front Engined Double Deck Buses (from 1953)
F/NoReg. No.ChassisBodyYear
127-98OTV 127-98AEC Regent IIIPark Royal H30/26R1953/4
199-208SAU 199-208AEC Regent IIIPark Royal L27/26F1954
209-38UTV 209-38AEC Regent VPark Royal H33/28R1955/6
239-73XTO 239-73AEC Regent VPark Royal H34/28R1956
2-452-45 ATOLeyland Titan PD2/40Metro Cammell H37/28R1958/9
351-85DAU 351-85CAEC Renown 3B3RAWeymann H40/30F1965
386-92FAU 386-92CAEC Renown 3B3RANorthern Counties H40/30F
393/4BRR 241/2CAEC Renown 3B2RAEast Lancs H44/31F1965
F/NoReg. No.ChassisBodyYear
46-6346-63 NAUDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXPark Royal H44/33F1962
64-7264-72 RTODaimler Fleetline CRG6LXNorthern Counties H44/33F1963
73ATO 73BDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXNorthern Counties H44/33F
74-9474-94 RTODaimler Fleetline CRG6LXNorthern Counties H44/33F (*)
95-124HTO 95-124DDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXMetro-Cammell H45/27D1966
125-59MTO 125-59FDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXNorthern Counties H45/27D1967/8
160-84ETO 160-84LDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXWillowbrook H47/30D1973
185-94MNU 185-94PDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXNorthern Counties H47/30D1975/6
195-209PAU 195-209RDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXNorthern Counties H47/30D1976
210-24UTV 210-24SDaimler Fleetline FE30AGRNorthern Counties H47/31D1977/8
F/NoReg. No.ChassisBodyYear
395-400VAU 395-400JLeyland Atlantean PDR1/3Northern Counties H47/28D1971
401-10BTV 401-10BLeyland Atlantean PDR1/2Northern Counties H44/33F1964
411-22DAU 411-22CLeyland Atlantean PDR1/2Northern Counties H44/33F
423-44DAU 423-44CLeyland Atlantean PDR1/2Metro-Cammell H44/33F1965
445-84ETO 445-84CLeyland Atlantean PDR1/2Metro-Cammell H45/27D (*)
485-99JTV 485-99ELeyland Atlantean PDR1/2Metro-Cammell H45/27D (*)1967
500NTO 500PLeyland Atlantean rebuildEast Lancs H47/31D1976
501-22PTO 501-22GLeyland Atlantean PDR1A/1Northern Counties H47/29D1968/9
523-39STO 523-39HLeyland Atlantean PDR1A/1Northern Counties H47/30D1970
540-85OTO 540-85MLeyland Atlantean AN68/1REast Lancs H47/30D1973/4
586-90GRC 886-90NLeyland Atlantean AN68/1REast Lancs H47/31D1974
591GRC 881NLeyland Atlantean AN68/1REast Lancs H47/31D
592-5GTO 332-5NLeyland Atlantean AN68/1REast Lancs H47/31D1974/5
596-602GVO 716-22NLeyland Atlantean AN68/1REast Lancs H47/31D1975
603-5GVO 713-5NLeyland Atlantean AN68/1REast Lancs H47/31D
606-10JAL 876-80NLeyland Atlantean AN68/1REast Lancs H47/31D
611GTO 331NLeyland Atlantean AN68/1REast Lancs H47/31D
612-21MAU 612-21PLeyland Atlantean AN68/1REast Lancs H47/31D1975/6
622-36MNU 622-36PLeyland Atlantean AN68/1REast Lancs H47/31D1976
637-46ARC 637-46TLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1REast Lancs H47/33D1978-80
647-61BTV 647-61TLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1REast Lancs H47/33D
662-5XNN 662-5SLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RNorthern Counties H47/31D
666ARC 666TLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RNorthern Counties H47/31D
667XTV 667SLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RNorthern Counties H47/31D
668-70ARC 668-70TLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RNorthern Counties H47/31D
671-3ATV 671-3TLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RNorthern Counties H47/31D
674-6BAU 674-6TLeyland Atlantean AN68A1RNorthern Counties H47/31D
677-81BRC 677-81TLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RNorthern Counties H47/31D
682JRC 682VLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RNorthern Counties H47/33D
683-91LRR 683-91WLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RNorthern Counties H47/33D
692-6MNU 692-6WLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RNorthern Counties H47/33D
401/3JRC 401/3VLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1REast Lancs H47/33D1980-2
402/4-10LRB 402/4-10WLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1REast Lancs H47/33D
411-25MVO 411-25WLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RNorthern Counties H47/33D
426-35RNU 426-35XLeyland Atlantean AN68C/1RNorthern Counties H47/33D
436-45RTV 436-45XLeyland Atlantean AN68C/1RNorthern Counties H47/33D
446-55ORA 446-55WLeyland Atlantean AN68C/1REast Lancs H47/33D
456-65SNU 456-65XLeyland Atlantean AN68C/1REast Lancs H47/33D
471-80NNN 471-80WLeyland Atlantean AN68A/1RRoe H46/34F
Newer Generation Double Deck Buses
F/NoReg. No.ChassisBodyYear
698/9A698/9 EAULeyland OlympianNorthern Counties
450-65S450-65 ATVVolvo OlympianEast Lancs H49/35F1998/9
466-80R466-80 RRAVolvo OlympianEast Lancs H49/39F1997
481/2K481/2 GNNLeyland OlympianEast Lancs H49/35F1992
483/4L483/4 LNNVolvo OlympianEast Lancs H49/35F1993
485-9L485-9 NTOVolvo OlympianEast Lancs H49/35F1994
490/1P490/1 CVOVolvo OlympianEast Lancs H49/35F1996
492/3P492/3 FRRVolvo OlympianEast Lancs H49/35F1997
301-7B301-7 KVOVolvo B10M-55East Lancs H51/35D1985
308-14C308-14 NRCVolvo D10MNorthern Counties H49/35D1985/6
315-29E315-29 BVOVolvo B10M-50East Lancs H47/31D1988
330E825 OMSVolvo B10M-50Alexander H47/37F1987
331-3G331-3 NRCVolvo B10M-50Alexander H47/35F1989
334G334 NTVVolvo B10M-50Alexander CH47/35F1989
335G334 PALVolvo B10M-50Alexander H47/35F1989
336-45R336-45 RRAVolvo B10MEast Lancs H49/39F1997
349-53L349-53 MRRScania N113DRBEast Lancs H49/35F1994
354E701 GCUScania N112DRBAlexander H47/31F1988
355-8F702-5 JCNScania N112DRBAlexander H47/31F1988
359E307 EVWScania N112DRBAlexander H47/31F1988
360G879 TVSScania N113DRBAlexander H47/33F1990
361E200 WHSScania N113DRBEast Lancs H47/33F1987
362-7G362-7 SRBScania N113DRBAlexander H47/33F1990
368-73G368-73 RTOScania N113DRBAlexander H47/33F1990
374-9G374-9 NRCScania N113DRBAlexander H47/33F1989
380F380 JTVScania N113DRBAlexander H47/33F1989
381E381 ERBScania N112DRBAlexander H47/31F1988
382-6F382-6 GVOLeyland LionEast Lancs CH43/37F1989
387-91F387-91 GVOLeyland LionEast Lancs H47/39F1988
392-4D392-4 TAULeyland-DAB LionNorthern Counties1986/7
395EMJ 560YScania BR112DHEast Lancs H46/32F1983
396WRR 396YDennis Falcon VEast Lancs H51/37D1982
397XRA 397YDennis Falcon VEast Lancs H51/37D1982
398/9A398/9 CRAVolvo B10M-55East Lancs H49/37D1983
400NRR 400WScania BR112DHEast Lancs H46/32F1980
E935 CDS
E941 CDS
E925 CDS
E938 CDS
E899 CDS
Leyland LionAlexander H49/37F1987
401/2N401/2 ARADennis ArrowNorthern Counties H44/36F1996
403/4N403/4 ARADennis ArrowNorthern Counties H49/35F1996
405T405 BNNDennis TridentEast Lancs H51/33F1999
406-16T406-16 BNNDennis TridentEast Lancs H53/33F1999
417-22T417-22 XVODennis TridentEast Lancs H53/34F1999
423-6V423-6 DRCDennis TridentEast Lancs H53/34F2000
427-36V427-36 DRADennis TridentEast Lancs H53/34F2000
647-9W647-9 SNNDennis TridentEast Lancs H53/34F2000
650W941 SNRDennis TridentEast Lancs H53/34F2000
651-4W651-4 SNNDennis TridentEast Lancs H53/34F2000
655W942 SNRDennis TridentEast Lancs H53/34F2000
656-9W656-9 SNNDennis TridentEast Lancs H53/34F2000
660W943 SNRDennis TridentEast Lancs H53/34F2000
661-5X661-5 WCHDennis TridentEast Lancs H53/34F2000
Single Deck Buses
F/NoReg. No.ChassisBodyYear
700-3LTV 700-3AEC Regal IIIEast Lancs B35R1951
704-6NAL 543-5FAEC Swift MP2REast Lancs B46F1967
707-12PTO 707-12GAEC Swift MP2RNorthern Counties B43D1969
721-4FAU 721-4LLeyland National 1051/2R B40D1973
725-8GAU 725-8LLeyland National 1051/2R B40D
729-34NTV 729-34MLeyland National 1151/2R B48D
740LTV 740PLeyland Leopard PSU3C/4RWillowbrook B55F1975
741-4JRB 741-4NLeyland Leopard PSU3C/4RDuple DP53F
745-50LAL 745-50PLeyland Leopard PSU3C/4RDuple DP53F
751-64MTV 751-64PLeyland Leopard PSU3C/4RDuple DP53F1976
701-12GTO 701-12VLeyland National 2 NL116L11/1R B52F1980
713-9B713-9 LALLeyland National 2 NL116TL11/1R B50F1985
720-4C720-4 MRCLeyland National 2 NL116TL11/1R B50F1985
725-39E725-39 BVOLeyland Lynx LX112L10ZR1Leyland B51F1988
740-4F740-4 HRCLeyland Lynx LX112L10ZR1RLeyland B51F1989
745-9G745-9 PNNLeyland Lynx LX2R11C15Z4RLeyland B51F1989
750H47 NDULeyland Lynx LX2R11V18Z4SLeyland B50F1991
751-8G751-8 SRBScania N113CRBAlexander B51F1990
759/60J759/60 DAULeyland Lynx LX2R11V18Z4SLeyland B50F1991
761K761 JTVScania N113CRBPlaxton B47F1991
762L829 HEFVolvo B10B-58Alexander B51F1994
763M763 SVOScania L113CRLNorthern Counties B51F1994
764M919 MRWVolvo B10B-58Alexander B51F1995
765N480 DKHVolvo B10B-58Plaxton B51F1995
766N779 DRHVolvo B10B-58Plaxton B51F1995
767-71N767-71 WRCVolvo B10M-55Alexander DP48F1995
600M664 KHPVolvo B10B-58Alexander B51F1995
601-4M601-4 TTVVolvo B10B-58Alexander B51F1995
605-9M605-9 UTVVolvo B10B-58Plaxton B51F1995
610N610 XRRVolvo B10B-58Plaxton B51F1995
611N611 XVOVolvo B10B-58Alexander B51F1995
612-5N612-5 YRAVolvo B10B-58Alexander B51F1996
640-2P640-2 ENNScania L113CRLEast Lancs B53F1996
501-10L501-10 OALVolvo B6Alexander B40F1994
511-3M511-3 TRAVolvo B6Alexander B40F (*)1995
514P514 CVODennis Dart SLFEast Lancs B44F1996
519N222 LFRMAN NL222FREast Lancs B43F1997
520M113 SLSScania L113CRLWright B47F1995
521/2M521/2 UTVScania L113CRLWright B47F1995
523-5N523-5 XRRScania L113CRLWright B47F1996
540/1P540/1 CTOOptare ExcelOptare B47F1996
542-4P542-4 GAUOptare ExcelOptare B46F1997
F/NoReg. No.ChassisBodyYear
10xE10x JNH Renault S56?
111-20F111-20 JTORenault S56Reeve Burgess B25F
121-35D121-35 URCRenault S56Reeve Burgess B25F or DP25F
136D446 GLSRenault S56?
137B737 KTODodge S56Reeve Burgess B25F
138/9E138/9 ATVRenault S56Reeve Burgess B25F
140E140 BNURenault S56?
141E577 ANERenault S56Northern Counties
142/3E142/3 ERARenault S56Northern Counties B25F
144-6F144-6 GVORenault S56Northern Counties
147-9F147-9 LNNRenault S56Reeve Burgess B25F
150E70 XKWMercedes Benz 709DReeve Burgess B29F
151-3F151-3 GVOMercedes Benz 709D Reeve Burgess B29F
154-7G154-7 NRCRenault S56Reeve Burgess B25F
158-9G158-9 NRCRenault S56Reeve Burgess B28F
160G160 PTORenault S56Reeve Burgess B28F
161-4G161-4 PVORenault S56Reeve Burgess B28F
165-6G165/6 RRAMercedes Benz 709D Reeve Burgess B29F1990
167H167 ANURenault S56Reeve BurgessB28F
168-9J168/9 CTOMercedes Benz 709D Plaxton B29F1991
170-6J170-6 CNUMercedes Benz 709DPlaxton B29F1991
177-8H727/32 LOLMercedes Benz 811DCarlyle B30F1990
179-81J179-81 CRBMercedes Benz 811D Carlyle B30F 1991
182-4J182-4 CTOMercedes Benz 811D Carlyle B30F 1991
185-8K185-8 HTVMercedes Benz 811D Dormobile B31F1993
189-92L189-92 MAUMercedes Benz 811DDormobile B31F 1993
193L193 OVOMercedes Benz 811D Dormobile B31F 1994
194-5L194/5 OVOMercedes Benz 811D Plaxton B30F1994
196-7M196-7 SRRMercedes Benz 811D Alexander B30F1995
198M198 TNUMercedes Benz 811D Alexander B30F1995
199P199 ENNMercedes Benz 811D Plaxton DP31F1997
101-10N101-10 WRCMercedes Benz 811D Plaxton B30F1995
201-11L201-11 ONUOptare MetroRiderOptare B30F1994
212-4M212-4 STOOptare MetroRider Optare B30F 1994
215-6M215-6 TNUOptare MetroRider Optare B30F 1995
217-9N217-9 VVOOptare MetroRider Optare B30F 1995
220-1N220/1 BALOptare MetroRiderOptare B30F1996
222N272 BALOptare MetroRiderOptare B30F1996
223-4N223-4 BALOptare MetroRiderOptare B30F1996
225P225 FRBOptare MetroRider Optare B30F 1997
226-33R226-33 SCHOptare MetroRider Optare B30F 1997
242-4W242-4 PAUOptare Solo Optare B33F 2000
245W958 PAUOptare Solo Optare B33F 2000
246-9W246-9 PAUOptare Solo Optare B33F 2000
250W959 PAUOptare Solo Optare B33F 2000
251W251 PAUOptare Solo Optare B33F 2000
252-6V252-6 JRROptare Solo Optare B33F 2000
257-61V257-61 DRBOptare Solo Optare B33F 2000
262-81V262-81 DRCOptare Solo Optare B33F 1999
282-91S282-91 NRBOptare Solo Optare B33F 1998
292-9T292-9 BNNOptare Solo Optare B33F 1999
120W599 PTOOptare Solo Optare B33F 2000
121-9W601-9 PTOOptare Solo Optare B33F 2000


  • 11/2, 26/7 were renumbered 791/2/6/7
  • 471-80 were renumbered 71-80
  • 393/4 were formerly West Bridgford UDC Nos. 41/2 in 1968
  • 704-6 were formerly West Bridgford UDC Nos. 43-5 in 1968
  • 75/7, 82/3 were rebodied Northern Counties H47/32F in 1975/6
  • 511 was rebodied East Lancs B40F in 1997
  • 445-99 (?) were originally H45/31F, some were never converted to dual-door
  • 10x (Renaults) were ex-Northampton
  • 400 was a Scania demonstrator until 1981
  • 360, 381, 395, 520 were Scania demonstrators
  • 330, 335, 750, 762, 764, 600 were Volvo demonstrators
  • 761/5/6 were ex-Plaxton demonstrators
  • 519 was an ex-MAN demonstrator
  • 797 was an ex-Bova demonstrator
  • 354-8 were ex-Kentish Bus
  • 359 was ex-Harris Bus
  • 361 was ex-A1 Services
  • 395-9 (Lions) were ex-Chester, originally Clydeside Scottish (originally registered E164/2/1/3/0 YGB respectively)

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