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Historical Trent Fleet List
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This page updated by Dave Root, August 2001

200-9CRC 510-9Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15Leyland C41C195?
210-5ECH 210-5Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15Willowbrook C37C1953
216-21GRC 216-21Leyland Royal Tiger PSUC1/2Burlingham C37F1955
222-8KCH 222-8Leyland Royal Tiger PSUCBurlingham C37C1957
229-38RRC 229-38AEC RelianceWeymann C37F1960
239-42VCH 239-42AEC RelianceBurlingham C41F1961
43-6YRC 43-6AEC RelianceHarrington C37F1962
1-3121-3 FCHLeyland Leopard PSU3/3RTPlaxton Panorama C49F1963
4-7ECH 4-7CLeyland Leopard PSU3Plaxton C49F1965
8-11PRC 208-11FLeyland Leopard PSU3/4RPlaxton C49F1967
14-7VCH 14-7GLeyland Leopard PSU3A/4RPlaxton C49F1969
18-20PCH 418-20LBristol RELH6LECW C49F1972
21URC 621LBristol RELH6LPlaxton C49F1973
22-4URC 958-60MBristol RELH6LPlaxton C49F1973
25-7YRC 221-3MLeyland Leopard PSU3B/4RPlaxton C49F (26 C36F)1974
30/21384/6 RBristol RELH6GECW C47F1964
37-9YCH 898-900MLeyland Leopard PSU4B/4RPlaxton C40F1974
40-4ACH 140-4HLeyland Leopard PSU4A/4RPlaxton C40F1970
45-9SRC 45-9LLeyland Leopard PSU4B/4RPlaxton C40F1973
55-9ACH 55-9BLeyland Leopard L2THarrington C40F1964
60-2JCH 60-2DLeyland Leopard L2TPlaxton C40F1966
63-7MRC 563-7ELeyland Leopard PSU4/3RPlaxton C40F1967
70-5ECH 70-5CBedford SB5Duple C41F1965
76-81MRC 576-81EBedford VAM5Duple C41F1967
82-7ERC 882-7JBedford YRQPlaxton C41F1971
88-91LNU 344-7JBedford YRQPlaxton C41F1971
73/4ERB 343/4HBedford VAM70Duple C41F1970
92-7TCH 92-7LBedford YRQDuple C41F1973
76-8XRC 605-7MBedford YRQDuple C41F1974
1/2SCH 1/2RLeyland Leopard PSU3E/4RPlaxton C33F (later C47F)1977
3CVO 3TLeyland Leopard PSU3E/4RPlaxton C46F1979
4PRR 4XLeyland Leopard PSU3F/4RWillowbrook C24FT or C42FT1981
5A705 CNULeyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RDuple C50F1984
6-10A706-10 CNULeyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RDuple C50F1984
11-5B111-5 GRRLeyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RHPlaxton C51F1985
1-8L801-8 MRAVolvo B10M-60Plaxton C49FT1993
9-12V209-12 JALVolvo B10M-62Plaxton C49FT1999
13-5X913-5 ERAVolvo B10M-62Plaxton C49FT2000
Dual Purpose Vehicles
120GCH 120Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2Willowbrook DP41F1954
121-9GRC 121-9Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2Willowbrook DP41F1955
130-9GRC 130-9Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2Weymann DP41F1955
140-51HRC 140-51Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2Willowbrook DP41F1955
152-61NRC 152-61Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2Willowbrook DP-F1959
162-76VRC 162-76Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2Willowbrook DP41F1961
177-96YRC 177-96Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2Alexander DP-F1962
100-7HRC 100-7CLeyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/11TAlexander C41F1965
116-8263-5 HNUBristol MW6GECW DP43F1959-65
119-22509-12 JRABristol MW6GECW DP43F
123/4196/7 BRRBristol MW6GECW DP43F
125/6513/4 JRABristol MW6GECW DP43F
127-321378-83 RBristol MW6GECW DP43F
133/4370/1 RNNBristol MW6GECW DP43F
135-7BNN 101-3CBristol MW6GECW DP43F
138-41DNU 11-4CBristol MW6GECW DP43F
145/6SRB 66/7FBristol RESH6GECW DP43F1967
150-7YCH 890-7MBristol RELH6GECW C49F1974
167-923/8/9 DRBBristol MW6GECW DP43F1958
172-6RDB 834/?/?/?/?AEC RelianceAlexander C-F1961
177-96YRC 177-96Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/1Alexander1962
200-23200-23 CCHLeyland Leopard PSU3/1RWillowbrook DP51F1963
224-31ACH 224-31BLeyland Leopard PSU3/1RTAlexander C49F1964
232-41ECH 232-41CLeyland Leopard PSU3/1RTWillowbrook DP49F1965
242-51ECH 242-51CLeyland Leopard PSU3/3RWillowbrook DP51F1965
252-61JRC 252-61DLeyland Leopard PSU3/3RMetro Cammell DP51F1966
262-4FJA 216/7/24DLeyland Leopard PSU3/4RAlexander C49F1966
2661385 RBristol RELH6GECW C51F1964
268-71PCH 268-71LBristol RELH6LECW C49F1972
272-5TCH 272-5LBristol RELH6GECW DP49F1973
276-81TCH 276-81LBristol RELH6LECW DP49F1973
282-6NCH 765-9MBristol RELH6LECW DP49F1974
287/8ORC 417/8NBristol RELH6LECW DP49F1974
294-7VDB 954-7Leyland Leopard PSU3/3RTAlexander C49F1963
298/9AJA 140/1BLeyland Leopard PSU3/3RTAlexander C49F1964
108-15PRA 108-15RLeyland Leopard PSU3C/4RAlexander C45F1976
116-20RRB 116-20RLeyland Leopard PSU3D/4RDuple C49F1977
121-8UVO 121-8SLeyland Leopard PSU3E/4RDuple C49F1977
129XVO 129SLeyland Leopard PSU3E/4RPlaxton C49F1978
130-4ARB 130-4TLeyland Leopard PSU3E/4RPlaxton C49F1978
135-41BRC 135-41TLeyland Leopard PSU3E/4RPlaxton C49F1979
142-7KVO 142-7WLeyland Leopard PSU3E/4RWillowbrook C49F1980/1
148-53SCH 148-53XLeyland Leopard PSU3F/4RWillowbrook C49F1982
154/5VNN 54/5YLeyland Leopard PSU3F/4RWillowbrook C48F1982
51-4M51-4 PRAVolvo B10M-60Alexander DP51F1994
55M455 TCHVolvo B10M-60Alexander DP51F1994
56-8P56-8 CTOVolvo B10M-62Plaxton C51F1997
59R59 RAUVolvo B10M-62Plaxton C51F1997
60R960 RAUVolvo B10M-62Plaxton C51F1997
61-3R61-3 RAUVolvo B10M-62Plaxton C51F1997
Single Deck Buses
350-9DCH 900-9Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/7Leyland B44F1952
360-9FCH 10-9Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/1Saro B44F1954
370-9FCH 20-9Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/1Weymann B44F1954
380-94VCH 830-44Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1Willowbrook B45F1961
395KDB 642Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/1Weymann B44F1956
396/7LDB 750?/67Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2Willowbrook DP-F1958
300-15ACH 300-15BLeyland LeopardPSU3/1RMarshall B53F1964
316-25VCH 316-25GLeyland Leopard PSU3A/4RWillowbrook B49F1969
326-9LCH 326-9KLeyland Leopard PSU3B/4RMarshall B49F1972
330-4SJA 345-9JBristol RELL6LMarshall B49F1971
335-42SJA 350-7KBristol RELL6LMarshall B49F1971
343-7LRC 343-7KBristol RELL6LECW B49F1972
348-52DRB 302-6HBristol RELL6GECW B44D1969
353DRA 354GBristol RELL6GECW B44D1969
354-7FRB 206-9HBristol RELL6GECW B44D1970
358-60NNU 447-9JBristol RELL6GECW B44D1971
361-8ORB 245-7/51-5KBristol RELL6GECW B44D1971/2
364-9RDB 806-11AEC RelianceWillowbrook DP-F1960
370-2VDB 920-2AEC Reliance 2U3RAWillowbrook B53F1963
373-4VDB 930/1AEC Reliance 2U3RAWillowbrook B53F1963
375-7VDB 934-6AEC Reliance 2U3RAWillowbrook DP51F1963
378-9VDB 950/1AEC Reliance 2U3RAWillowbrook DP51F1963
384-7SNU 384-7RBristol LH6LECW B43F1977
388/9PNU 388/9RBristol LHS6LECW B35F1976
390/1STO 390/1RBristol LH6LECW B43F1977
393-400NNN 393-400PFord R1114Willowbrook B49F1976
401-6BNU 673-8GBristol LH6LECW B45F1969-71
407-11JRB 768-72JBristol LH6LECW B45F
412-4ORB 248-50KBristol LH6LECW B45F
415-20XRB 415-20LLeyland National 1151/2R B44D1972/3
421-7GNU 568-74NLeyland National 11351/1R B49F1974/5
428-32KVO 428-32PLeyland National 11351/2R B44D1975
433KVO 433PLeyland National 11351A/2R B44D1976
434-7NRB 434-7PLeyland National 11351A/2R B44D1976
438-50PRR 438-50RLeyland National 11351A/2R B44D1976
451-60PRR 451-60RLeyland National 11351A/1R B49F1976
461-6RTO 461-6RLeyland National 11351A/2R B44D1977
467-72URB 467-72SLeyland National 11351A/2R B44D1977
473-6VCH 473-6SLeyland National 11351A/1R B49F1977
477-80VCH 477-80SLeyland National 11351A/2R B44D1977/8
481-500XAL 481-500SLeyland National 11351A/2R B44D1978
501-3YRR 501-3TLeyland National 11351A/2R B44D1978
504-14ACH 504-14TLeyland National 11351A/1R B52F1978
515-35FRA 515-35VLeyland National 11351A/1R B52F1979/80
200-9LRB 200-9WLeyland National 2 NL116L11/1R B52F1980
210-7LRB 210-7WLeyland National 2 NL116AL11/1R B52F1981
218-22RRA 218-22XLeyland National 2 NL116AL11/1R B52F1981
223-5WRA 223-5YLeyland National 2 NL116HLXB/1R B52F1983
300G600 NRCDAF SB220LC550Optare B49F1990
301J201 BVODAF SB220LC550Optare B49F1991
302-25J302-25 BVODAF SB220LC550Optare B49F1991
326-32K326-32 FALDAF SB220LC550Optare B48F1992
333K633 FAUDAF SB220LC550Optare B48F1992
334-9K334-9 FALDAF SB220LC550Optare B48F1992
340K640 FAUDAF SB220LC550Optare B48F1992
341-4K341-4 FALDAF SB220LC550Optare B48F1992
345K645 FAUDAF SB220LC550Optare B48F1992
346-50K346-50 FALDAF SB220LC550Optare B48F
351K651 FAUDAF SB220LC550Optare B48F1993
352-3K352-3 FALDAF SB220LC550Optare B48F1993
354-5M354-5 PRADennis LanceOptare B46F1994
356-70N356-70 VRCDennis LanceOptare B46F1995
101-10L101-10 LRAVolvo B10B-58Northern Counties B49F1993/4
111L911 LRAVolvo B10B-58Northern Counties B49F1993
112-28L112-28 LRAVolvo B10B-58Northern Counties B49F1993/4
129-38M129-38 PRAVolvo B10B-58Northern Counties B49F1994
801-15M801-15 PRAMAN 11-190Optare B40F1994
900P508 NWUOptare ExcelOptare B40F1997
901-16P901-16 CTODennis Dart SLFPlaxton B39F1996
917-36R917-36 RAUDennis Dart SLFPlaxton B41F1997
937-44S937-44 UALDennis Dart SLFPlaxton B40F1998
945-9T945-9 BNNDennis Dart SLFPlaxton B40F1999
151-3P151-3 CTVOptare ExcelOptare B43F1996
154S154 UALOptare ExcelOptare B43F1998
155S955 PRAOptare ExcelOptare B43F1998
156-72S156-172 UALOptare ExcelOptare B43F1998
173-4T173-4 LCHOptare ExcelOptare B43F1999
175-7T975-7 LCHOptare ExcelOptare B43F1999
178-86T178-86 LCHOptare ExcelOptare B43F1999
187-9T787-9 XVOOptare ExcelOptare B43F1999
190-8V190-8 DRCOptare ExcelOptare B45F1999
199V199 ERAOptare ExcelOptare B46F2000
200V998 DRAOptare ExcelOptare B46F2000
201-4V201-4 ENUOptare ExcelOptare B46F2000
205-12V205-12 ENUOptare ExcelOptare B45F2000
213-9W213-9 PRBOptare ExcelOptare B45F2000
220W301 PRBOptare ExcelOptare B45F2000
221W221 PRBOptare ExcelOptare B45F2000
222W302 PRBOptare ExcelOptare B45F2000
223-4W223-4 PRBOptare ExcelOptare B45F2000
225V109 LVHOptare ExcelOptare B43F1999
226-9X226-9 WRAOptare ExcelOptare B45F2000
230X998 WRAOptare ExcelOptare B45F2000
231-6X231-6 WRAOptare ExcelOptare B45F2000
Midibuses (incomplete)
667M667 JFPMercedes-Benz 709DAlexander B29F1995
668M453 LJFMercedes-Benz 709DAlexander B29F1995
201-2M201-2 URCOptare MetroriderOptare1995
203-21N203-21 VRCOptare MetroriderOptare1995
222N322 WCHOptare MetroriderOptare1995
223-6N223-6 VRCOptare MetroriderOptare1995
227-41P227-41 CTVOptare MetroriderOptare1996
271-4M271-4 URCMercedes 811DWright B31F1995
275-83R275-83 RAUMercedes 0810DPlaxton B31F1997
284R284 LNUMercedes 0810DPlaxton B31F1997
285-96S285-96 UALMercedes 0810DPlaxton B31F1998
297-9T297-9 LCHMercedes 0810DPlaxton B31F1999
47R47 LNUMercedes 0814DPlaxton B27F1997
49R49 SCHMercedes 711DPlaxton B27F1997
Highbridge Double Deck Buses
1220-5CCH 620-5Leyland Titan PD2/3Leyland H30/26R1951
1226-35CRC 826-35Leyland Titan PD2/12Leyland H32/26R1952
1236-50DRC 936-50Leyland Titan PD2/12Leyland H32/26R1952?
1251-6FRC 951-6Leyland Titan PD2/12Leyland H32/26R1954
1257-66JCH 257-66Leyland Titan PD2/12Metro Cammell H59RD195?
1000-33KCH 100-33Leyland Titan PD2/12Metro Cammell H59RD1957
400-21LRC 434-55Leyland Titan PD3/4Willowbrook H41/32RD1958
422-32ORC 656-66Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1Metro Cammell H44/34F1960
433-55RRC 67-89Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1Roe H44/33F1960
456-61TCH 90-5Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1Roe H44/33F1960
462-7162-71 ACHLeyland Atlantean PDR1/1Weymann H44/33F1962
472-81ECH 472-81CDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXAlexander H44/34F1965
482-92HRC 482-92DDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXAlexander H44/33F1966-71
493-512MRC 493-512EDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXAlexander H44/33F
513-31RCH 513-31FDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXAlexander H44/33F
532-5VRC 532-5GDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXAlexander H44/33F
536-51DRC 536-51JDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXAlexander H44/33F
552/5/6NRC 52/5/6KDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXECW H43/34F1972
553/4/7-70OCH 553/4/7-70LDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXECW H43/34F1972
571-4ONN 571-4PLeyland Atlantean AN68/1RECW H43/34F1976
575-7ORB 575-7PLeyland Atlantean AN68/1RECW H43/34F1976
577-84LRB 577-84WLeyland Atlantean AN68C/1RECW H43/34F1981
600-11F600-11 GVOVolvo Citybus B10M-50Alexander H47/37F
612-23G612-23 OTVVolvo Citybus B10M-50Alexander H47/37F
Lowbridge/Lowheight Double Deck Buses
1352-7JCH 352-7Leyland Titan PD2/12Metro Cammell L27/28RD195?
600-10ORC 758-68Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1Weymann L39/34F1959
611-5SRC 369-73Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1Weymann L39/34F1960
616-25616-25 CCHDaimler Fleetline CRG6LXNorthern Counties H44/33F1963
626-41RCH 626-41LBristol VRTSL2-6LXECW H43/34F1972/3
654-60520-7 JRABristol LD6GECW H33/25RD1959
661528 JRABristol FS6GECW H33/27RD1960/1
662-4906-8 MRBBristol FS6GECW H33/27RD
665/6569/70 ERRBristol FS6GECW H33/27RD
667-7051-4 JALBristol FSF6GECW H34/26F1961/2
671-5441-5 SNUBristol FSF6GECW H34/26F
676-8155-60 JALBristol FSF6GECW H34/26F
682-6446-50 SNUBristol FSF6GECW H34/26F
687-90526-8/30 VRBBristol FLF6BECW H38/32F1962-8
691-6529/31-5 VRBBristol FLF6GECW H38/32F
6971389 RBristol FLF6GECW H38/32F
698-7021387/8/90-2 RBristol FLF6BECW H38/32F
703ANU 11BBristol FLF6BECW H38/32F
704/5BRB 492/3BBristol FLF6GECW H38/32F
706/7DNU 15/6CBristol FLF6BECW H38/32F
708DNU 689CBristol FLF6BECW H38/32F
709/10FNU 411/2CBristol FLF6BECW H38/32F
711-3DNU 685-7CBristol FLF6GECW H38/32F
714/5FNU 413/4CBristol FLF6GECW H38/32F
716DNU 688CBristol FLF6GECW H38/32F
717-26JNU 980-9DBristol FLF6GECW H38/32F
727-39SRB 68-80FBristol FLF6GECW H38/32F
740-50/3TRB 568-78/81FBristol FLF6GECW H38/32F
751/2YNU 350/1GBristol FLF6GECW H38/32F
754-6BNU 679-81GBristol VRTSL6GECW H39/31F1969-70
757-9DRB 307-9HBristol VRTSL6GECW H39/31F
760/1FRB 210/1HBristol VRTSL26GECW H39/31F1970
762/3RRC 762/3LBristol VRTSL26GECW H39/31F1973
780-2YRC 125-7MBristol VRTSL26GECW H43/34F1974
783-7ORC 255-9NBristol VRTSL26GECW H43/34F1974
788-91JNN 158-61NBristol VRTSL3-6LXECW H43/34F1975
792-5MAL 792-5PBristol VRTSL3-6LXECW H43/34F1975/6
796-801LRA 796-801PBristol VRTSL3-501ECW H43/34F1975
802-6MRB 802-6PBristol VRTSL3-6LXECW H43/34F1976
807-11RAU 807-11RBristol VRTSL3-501ECW H43/31F1976/7
812-21PVO 812-21RBristol VRTSL3-501ECW H43/31F1976/7
822-9URB 822-9SBristol VRTSL3-501ECW H43/31F1977
830-3WRC 830-3SBristol VRTSL3-501ECW H43/31F
834-40BRC 834-40TBristol VRTSL3-6LXBECW H43/31F1979
841-7GRA 841-7VBristol VRTSL3-6LXBECW H43/31F1980
848-57PRC 848-57XBristol VRTSL3-6LXBECW H43/31F1981
700-5XAU 700-5YLeyland Olympian ONLXB/1RECW H45/32F1983
706XCH 706YLeyland Olympian ONLXB/1RECW H45/32F
707-11A707-11 DAULeyland Olympian ONLXB/1RECW H45/30F1984
712-5B712-5 HVOLeyland Olympian ONLXB/1RVECW H45/30F1985
716-9C716-9 LTOLeyland Olympian ONLXB/1RVECW H45/30F1985
720-3C720-3 NNNLeyland Olympian ONLXB/1RVECW H45/30F1985


  • The following vehicles in this list came from North Western Road Car Co. on 1st March 1972: 172-6, 262-4, 294-9, 330-42, 364-79, 395-7. 365/6 were renumbered to 398/9 when the new 364-8 (Bristol RE's) arrived in June 1972.
    In addition, 343-7 were ordered by North Western, but delivered to Trent.
  • The following vehicles in this list came from Midland General Omnibus Co. in 1972: 30/2, 73/4, 88-91, MWs 116-41, RESHs 145/6, 167-9, 266, 348-68, 401-14, 654-761.
    Midland General remained a separate operation for four years after passing to Trent control; numerous vehicles, including 76-8, 272-81, 287/8, 415-20, 762/3 and some ORB-P Atlanteans, were delivered to Midland General during this period, and can therefore claim to a lesser extent to be "former Midland General vehicles".
  • 571 was rebodied by Willowbrook (H43/34F) in 1977 following fire damage
  • 152-61 were renumbered 350-9 in 1965
  • RRC 233 was rebodied Harrington C37F and became 50
  • YRC 43-6 were renumbered 51-4
  • 4 (PRR 4X) later became 194 (YRC 194) and finally 158 (URC 158X) in which guise its seating capacity was C46F
  • A mass renumbering exercise took place in 1962 as follows:
    • 1220-66 became 710-56
    • 1000-33 became 757-90 (765 later became 589)
    • 1034-95 became 400-61 (418-20 later became 586-8)
    • 1352-7 became 694-9
    • 1358-73 became 600-15
    • 210-5 became 4-9
    • 216-42 became 16-42 (39-42 later became 44-7; ?29-32? later became 40-3)
    • 800-44 became 350-94

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