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All sound files on this page require RealPlayer 5.0 or later to hear.
All files have been optimized for 16 Kbps streaming.
Music from the Film
Atmospheres (2:48) Gyorgy Ligeti 346 KB
Heard during the Overture, Intermission, and during a sequence
in the Star Gate.
Also Sprach Zarathustra (1:39) Richard Strauss 204 KB
Heard during the opening sequence, during The Dawn Of Man,
and during the finale, when the Star-Child appears on screen.
The Blue Danube (Excerpt) (4:06) Johann Strauss 505 KB
Heard during the space docking sequence after The Dawn of Man,
during Dr. Floyd's trip to the moon, and during the end credits.
Lux Aeterna (2:57) Gyorgy Ligeti 363 KB
Heard during Dr. Floyd's trip on the moon to The Sentinel,
site of another monolith.
Gayane Ballet Suite (Adagio) (5:20) Aram Kachaturian 658 KB
Heard when Discovery first appears on screen and when the
astronauts inside are going about their daily routines.
Other Sounds Related to the Film
2001/PG-13 (2:57) Created by Ken F. Vermithrall 865 KB
A parody of the dialog during the Discovery mission:
Hal accuses Dave and Frank of hanky panky in the pod.
Very funny, a must hear!