For a time will come when order and chaos must sleep,
But in the end, both will awaken,
And the struggle continues...

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The Black City is considered to be a bastion of order in Recluce, where the Black Engineers once toiled in the tradition of the Black Engineer Dorrin. It has housed traders and mages. It has guarded Recluce from the threat of invasions. In this city, the repository is to be found.

The books of the Recluce saga tell the stofy of the fall of Angels, the founding of the island nation of Recluce, the end of a reign of chaos instituted by the white wizards of Fairhaven, the wanderings of a blackstaffer-crafter, and a dramatic confrontation between order and chaos in which both would be cast down.

The eight books of the Recluce saga are as follows:

Note: No information is yet given in this page on the last two books in the series.

The books are not arranged in chronological order, but in the order by which they had been published.
The Magic of Recluce

Lerris is a bored young man who is sent on dangergeld. Little does he know that fate has some strange twists in store for him in the form of the gray wizard Justen, the white wizard Antonin, and a black-haired blade by the name of Krystal, as he ventures into woodcrafting while dabbling with order.

The Towers of the Sunset

Details the founding of Recluce by Creslin, a Westwind-trained blade and his initially reluctant bride, Megaera, in a journey that would change the world. He will found Recluce, the black haven of order, and leave a legacy and a price to pay.

The Magic Engineer

The world of order and chaos also becomes one of technology. The smith Dorrin aims to build a steam-powered ship. The Black Council attempts to curtail his efforts. But his determinations is strong, and his thoughts about order are soon to become the Basis.

The Order War

Justen, the engineer, and his brother Gunnar, the weather mage, attempts to help stop the threat of the White invasion. Yet Justen must discover the true nature of order and chaos, accept the truths presented by the druid Dayala, and cast down the greatest White empire ever built.

The Death of Chaos

Lerris returns with his consort, Krystal. Trouble is brewing in Kryphos, and Lerris must stop each chaos focus. He must thwart the ambitions of the Emperor of Hamor in a grand confrontation of order and chaos that would lead to Lerris realizing the meaning of life and love.

The Fall of Angels

This tale details the arrival of the Angels. Ryba, former captain of their ship and a mighty blade, and Nylan, an engineer and a black mage, must find a niche in the world and begin a tale of valor and heroism to be remembered as the Legend.

No image yet available. The Chaos Balance

Threatened by Ryba's distrust in men and his growing aversion for violence, Nylan leaves Westwind with Ayrlyn along with his son Weryl. He must find the answers to his personal turmoil, confront the mysteries of the Great Forest, and establish his legend in the years that are to come.

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