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Welcome to my Homepage


This website is intended for my family, relatives and friends. However, if you happen to arrive here by chance or by choice, please feel free to browse around.

  I am an electrical engineer by profession, born in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia and was educated at  St Georges Institution, Taiping (1952-1960), Royal Military College, Sungei Besi (1961-1963), Brighton Technical College (1963-1965), Brighton College of Technology (1966-1969) and UMIST, Manchester (1972-1973).

My Interests include : Photography, fishing, computers, the paranormals, mysticisms and nature, in general.

Philosophical Outlook :  The Root of All Evils - GREED ; The Key to Stability - MODERATION ;  The Path to Happiness - CONTENTMENT ; The Fruit of Achievement - SATISFACTION.

Excerpt from a Hindustani movie.

Shooting location : The Rockery, Preston Park, Brighton.

<<-This is our present house and the area where we live, showing the landslides of 15 May 1999.

Here you see my kids training with determination for the next Formula 2 Race.


Give me time! ... to let the other one get fully digested, before I can start on this one.


This is the stance to adopt against Mike Tyson !


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