Alan's Boys!

Alan Osmond has every right to be extremely proud of his sons (all eight of them!) and I'm sure he is. First known as the Osmond Boys, and now known as the Osmond 2nd Generation, these guys are HOT! I have yet to be lucky enough to meet them, but I'm sure someday I'll get my wish. Until then, I guess I have to be content to have this site, and to see other sites about them. And listen to their music. Almost forgot that. =)

Photo used with permission of the Osmond Network

At any rate, my 2ndGen pages were updated with as recent information as I can get today, March 19, 1999, which is the day I transferred my old 2ndGen page over to this one! I will update it as I get more info, but I can't promise it'll be often (more than likely, it'll be about once in a blue moon, but you never know!)









The 2ndGen have two dogs, as far as I know, golden retrievers named Tom and Jerry. David gave them to Alex and Tyler for Christmas a couple of years ago.

What is with this banjo stuff, anyway? I'm just curious!

If you have any recent 2ndGen information you think I should include on this page, please email me and let me know what it is! You can find my email addy on the front page of this site. Thanks!

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