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On April 20th, 1999 at Columbine High School in the community of Littleton Colorado, teenagers opened gunfire on their classmates and teachers. The effect of this tragedy has been felt around the world. 
We Net Sisters, have discussed how scared, confused, angered and saddened we feel. Some of us are mothers, grandmothers, aunts, some are students, we are all daughters. We come from every corner of the world & each of us has been indeed been touched by this catastrophe.
We Net Sisters need to band together to show our united support to those in Littleton Colorado, the families & friends left behind. Support in our own way the victims loved ones. In the process we also hopefully contribute to our society as a whole and begin some slight healing.
There are many foundations being set up a list of them to the left. Also, as a Founder of Net Sisters, I am requesting that each of you please take the following graphic(s).  This first one, a blue & silver ribbon, the Columbine High School colors, this is to show that we are keeping them in our thoughts & prayers.
The second is to promote attention to an online petition I myself have started, one that I hope all will agree needs to be turned into a law, not just in one state in one country, but worldwide. It is a petition to safeguard our children while they are in school. I implore each of you to visit the online petition, to please sign it and send the URL address 
out to everyone you know.

Another truly wonderful thing we can all do that will only cost us 33 cents is send a card or letter of sympathy & condolence to the families & classmates. Let them know how deeply saddened we are for their losses & the grief they are living. Support, it takes but a few moments out of our lives & can touch another life when they are clinging to any form of hope they can. Address them to c/o the Students & Faculty or the Parents of ... they will make their way to the appropriate people.

Columbine High School
P.O. Box 4001
Golden, CO 80401

As a group, we are feeling many things these days, sometimes the best way to heal is to get involved.  Hopefully, each of us can & will participate in some way & spread healing & encouragement.  No matter what religious background we support, prayers are needed to bring about some peace, we can all say a prayer, please do, for the children who survived, the parents and loved ones and for the victims.  Let us together as sisters - loving, supportive, caring Net Sisters spread our love & support.

If you have a dedication for the Columbine Tragedy you would like to list & spread the word about, email us, we would be proud to have your tribute listed.

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