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Welcome to the Oxclose Ministocks Homepage.

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New Features

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Results from Round 2 of the National Championships for Ministocks, Hot Rods and Saloonstocks held at Oxclose Ministock's race venue!

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Internet Links Page - in both the model car and full size scene.

Link to Orion (Batteries motors etc)

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Hints and tips page - pick some up or tell us yours!

Visit the GALLERY and see Mardave's great range of car kits for yourself.

Pictures of the New Rebel Racer and Mini Racer cars.

The latest range of cars. The V-12 'Hot Rods'

Mardave's evergreen Ministock Oval Car

About us...

Radio Controlled Car Racing in the North East of England

Oxclose Ministocks is based at Oxclose Community Comprehensive School near District 1, Washington Tyne & Wear. For more detailed instructions on how to find us click here.

What are Mini Stocks?

Ministocks and Hot Rods are most exciting radio controlled car racing formula yet invented! Find out why.

Where do I get them from?

Most good model shops sell them, certainly from the large mail order shops. But why not support your local shop? ARROW MODELS, 205 High Street West, Sunderland. Tel (0191) 565 8827.

When do we race?

Thursday nights at Oxclose Community Comprehensive School (Click here for directions). Racing begins at 7pm and we pack up at 9.30pm to be finished by 9.50pm. A tuck shop is available. Race fees are £1.50. We expect racers to help set up and tidy away.

Special Events Calendar

Oxclose Ministocks run several events during the year, the emphasis being on fun & equal racing. To find out more click here.

E-mail for more information.

If you would like a leaflet posting let me know your postal address, alternatively give me your e-mail address and let me know if you would like a leaflet in either MS Word 6; MS Publisher or Windows Write format. On no account will this information be passed to anyone else.

Of course any general enquiries may also be e-mailed to this address.

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