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These hints and tips from Darren Carrod - High Wycombe Ministox Club

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* Solder a short wire between the front and back of the second metal strip on the speed controller. This acts as a brake, and slows the car down quicker when you back off the throttle - allows you to go faster into the corners. (Mardave will also supply a resistor kit to do this job, but this gives less braking effect - Tim)

* Add an extra resistor (connected in parallel) to your second speed resistor - this will give you a higher second speed. (or try replacing the resistors with different values. Replace the first speed resistor for a higher first and second speed, or as Darren suggests just the second speed resistor for a higher second speed only - Tim)

* Stick a piece of card or tape under the front of the front axle, so that the axle is leaning backwards slightly when mounted - this gives you king pin inclination and a more stable front end.

* Before fitting a new motor, connect it to a battery and run it underwater for about 5 seconds. This will clean the contacts and give you more power - but a shorter motor life.

Hints & Tips wanted!

If you have any hints or tips about Mardave Ministocks or Hot Rod cars mail me and I'll include them here (with full credit given of course).

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