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Why Ministocks or Hot Rods?

The Excitement is Electric

If you have ever wanted to race radio controlled cars but didn't know which type to buy let me tell you why Ministocks or Hot Rods are the best!


8 cars lined up at the start. 8 drivers clutching their transmitters with looks of intense concentration on their faces. The starter shouts go and all 8 cars accelerate at the same pace towards the first corner. Who will make it to the racing line. A nudge here and a nudge their, one car is on it's roof, another has spun but the best driver has made it to the apex of the corner and has got away cleanly!

Phew!! And that's just in the first 5 seconds.

Ministocks and Hot Rods are the fairest of them all...

The rules for Ministock and Hot Rod racing are such that the cars must remain almost standard, with any modifications contributing to reliability & not increasing speed. So if you are the best driver then you stand a chance. You will not be left behind by some bloke with more money that ability.

Sounds good doesn't it.

We race on a circuit... our racing is like a 1/12 scale version of saloon car racing, especially now that the Hot Rod series has such a wide range of body shells. Why not look at the cars in our gallery?

| Hot Rods gallery | New Mini and Rebel gallery | Old style Ministock gallery |

How much does it cost...

The kit containing the car, speed controller one 4 cell battery pack and a charger is around £50.

A basic set of radio control gear (all you need is a basic set) is around £50.

So for £100 you could be on the track!!

Spares are cheap too - so the maintenance costs are minimal.

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