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As a little boy many years ago
On Saturday mornings off I'd go
With my cowboy hat and stick pony

I pretended  I was  Gene Autry
Then out on the range I would go
Always defeating every foe

The Lone Ranger I was then
with Tonto as my trusted friend

Roy Rogers I would sometimes be
With stick pony Trigger there with me

I  was amazing I must confess
In my hat and vest I looked my best

. Sometimes John Wayne is who I'd be
Some days I was Hopalong Cassidy 

How fast the days went flying by
With my stick pony by my side

These were all my favorite men
My heroes each and every one of them

These heroes I no longer see
But they still live in my memory

Written By B.E.L. & R.R.L.February11,2001 

Our son,pictured on this page,
played the same cowboy game.
This nice couple was
kind enough to grant me permission
to print their poem here.

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