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Welcome to my World

Welcome to my first attempt at creating a homepage.

In my wildest imagination
I could never see me
doing a homepage.But with the help and encouragement
of my friends,Poski and Wolf,
Shelia and my very good friend Jackie,
here it is.

Can't forget the tolerance of my sweetie too.All together they have made this possible.

My name is Cecil,that is right,CECIL,
not Cecile or Ceciley
or anything fancy,just Cecil.
However I am better known as "Red".

I am a wife,mother,and grandmother,
now living in Florida,the sunshine state
and loving it.

My husband of 63 plus happy years
served in the 28th Division of the Army
during WWII.and
eventually retired from the Air Force.

We have three beautiful granddaughters

One of the girls bought her home in Pace, Florida
near her parents.

Another girl lives in Stafford,Virginia.
She is planning her wedding which will take place in Virginia in December.

And the youngest girl is moving back to Pace next week.
She recently taught school in Falmouth,Kentucky.

Their father is our only child
and he is a retired Army officer.

I retired from Southern Bell
now known as Bell South, after working in various Bell Systems in several different states over the years.

But enough about me and mine
Oops,one more thing.All three of us were born in Kentucky
and one by one we were commissioned as Colonels
in the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.
This we consider a great honor.


Have a cup of coffee
and take a look at my pages,please.

Before leaving,will you
please take a minute
and sign my Guestbook.

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