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Panty Mindy's Panty Page

This page has pictures of men and women in panties. If this offends you, then press back on your browser now. If not then come on in. This is a free page dedicated to men and women who like to show off thier undies, and as such we need your pics so send them to the addy below. If I get enough response I will add separate pages for your interests, such as men in panties, women in panties, couples in panties, and even women in jocks.

Hi everyone! My name is LydaRose and Panty Mindy is my best friend. We've been best friends for quite a while and we are doing this page together. We'd love lots of pics from all of you and just as soon as I can I'll have some of my pics posted too. Now, back to Mindy and her rules for this site. And thanks for stopping by.

There are a few rules. No pics of your ex (only send in your own or those of a friend who agrees), no copyright pics, and no pics ripped from another site (if you like thier pics then send me link info). The site is free but a donation or two would help. I will provide a land mail addy in the near future. I also will set up a cost only scanning service. So get into your best panties and send me some pics.

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Panty Links

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Guest Page: See Lovely Marcy. This gal is not shy..
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Panty Mindy
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