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AS you all know by now, Billy Graham has gotten the official page ejected from it's server.

The server , fearing legal repercussions canceled the page on this day, Feb10 ,1999. You may also have heard that Billy is taking severe legal action against the band for it's use of his name and picture(I thought we got his best side).

Oh Dear Billy, do you think you have won? Do you think that we are afraid of you? That page will be back up and running, and your pitiful attempts to infringe on our rights to speak freely will be little more than an inconvenience.

You can't stop up, for we are the last vestiges of Rock and Roll, and we will NOT go quietly into that good night. For everyone who says that Rock doesn't stand for anything anymore, know now that there is still one band left, carrying the torch for it's generation. If the powers that be want a fight, then it's a fight they'll get.

We are free Billy, and the only way to stop us is to kill us. NOW LET'S SEE WHO BACKS OFF!!!!!

They Have Come times.

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