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"Cerberus Car Club' was putting the event on."

This event was particularly important to us as our own club; 'Cerberus Car Club' was putting the event on. The lead up to the event wasn't good. For starters none of the service crew were available due to various family/work commitments. This meant Colin and I had to do our own servicing. To make matters worse the car was lacking power and had a slight misfire. This only developed a couple of hours before we had to leave for the event. After much frantic running around we still didn't have the problem sorted out. We decided to go as it was. We were reasonably confident of doing well after a good result in 1998. It had rained a lot in the lead up to the event making the tracks very muddy in places; this was a lot more fun in the red Escort. Aside from the lack of power we had a faultless run in the event. We finished 28th outright and 6th in the class.

Some of the team members at a recent event.

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