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"We think this was a fantastic effort!"

This event was held in and around Yarram, Healesville and Marysville on 14th @ 15th August. We had a great run on the Saturday finishing 24th in the VRC component and 4th in PR3 class behind the two Simon Evans VW Kit Cars. We think this was a fantastic effort!

We put a new set of tyres on the rear for Sunday hoping this would give us some quicker times. Unfortunately just at the end of stage 1 we put a rock through the sidewall of one of the new tyres. That wasn't too bad as it only cost us a few seconds. After changing the tyre we continued on. As (bad) luck would have it about half way into the 2nd stage we put a rock into the sidewall of the other new tyre. With no spare we had to crawl through the rest of the stage, then another 10 kms on bitumen to get to the service point. In all it cost around 10 minutes. Once we replaced the tyres with some worn out Yokohama's we got straight back on to the pace,but with no hope of making up the lost time we finished 37th in the VRC and 8th in the class.

At least our problems weren't as bad as Possum Bournes'; he destroyed his car on the Saturday afternoon. The conditions were very different from the norm due to lots of rain and snow on the higher parts. All in all we had a great time and put on a good show for the fans that seem to be following our progress. We even managed to get some exposure for our sponsors on channel 10's 'Sports Tonight' program

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