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Our 1998 Victorian Rally Championship Series

The funding organised by our Sponsor BAYSIDE MITSUBISHI we commenced the first VRC round on 26/27 th April at the Win TV Rally in the Valley held around Traralgon. This event is well regarded, it has stages in the local bush areas, around the local open cut coal mine and one stage that actually goes down into the open cut mine.

As we pulled up to the first start control we started having clutch problems. We decided to keep going hopefully getting to the first service point. We made it but not having a spare clutch cable the crew did what they could. I was able to drive another two stages without a clutch, (it was amazing how many that both start controls were uphill) this time we made it part way through the 4th stage. just after we climbed out of the open cut mine and started on the fast section around the rim of the mine we finally lost drive. Another DNF. When we pulled the car apart we found we had actually sheered the flywheel bolts.

 Win TV photos

This was held on 30/5/98 at Yarram. It was known as the Strezlecki Stages. It was held on some great roads, the weather was great and we finished without any problems in 19th outright from 43 starters. This put us 5th in our class and 8th in our grade. This is getting more like it.

This was originally set for 1/8/98 but due to heavy rains the week before the event was postponed to the following weekend. Unfortunately due to other commitments we couldn't compete.

This is the one we had been waiting for, in the same field as greats like Neal Bates and Possum Bourne, what a buzz. The only time we saw them was at the photo shoot for the 30th ARC and at the presentation dinner.

We had a great event, the roads were great and the weather the same. We got off to a great start on the Saturday then in the afternoon fuel pump problems (again) crept in, this cost us a lot of time. The crew got it fixed at the major service at the end of the day. We placed 2nd in our VRC class.

The Sunday was more of the same weather wise. With the fuel pump problem fixed we were going as hard as we could on the tyres we have. We gained 9 places finishing 62nd outright and again 2nd in our VRC class. An expensive event but well worth it. It was our first pace noted event, it's amazing how much faster you can go.

This was a good event for Batesy to, he finally won an ARC round this year after coming second to Possum all year. There was a bit of friendly ribbing between both at the presentation dinner.

The Star Hotel North Eastern Rally was held at Bright on Saturday 24/10/98.

 See the full report and photos, just click here.

The Bergonia Rally to be held around Ballarat on 14/11/98. This is the final round of the VRC. Unfortunately due to heavy rain the event was postponed for two weeks. We were not able to compete due to other commitments. Sorry no photos or report. Stay tuned for the 1999 season kicking off in April with the Win Tv Rally in the Valley.