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Emulators are programs that run console systems or other computer systems on your PC. They run files known as ROMs that are dumped information from a cartridge console copier or disk of the other computer system. And don't mail the authors nagging for ROMs!! Use a search engine to find the ROMs, try the Infoseek link on my main page.

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Sega Genesis Generation 1Sega Genesis Generation 2

Genesis Generation 1------------Genesis Generation 2

GeneCyst vx.xx - Dos & Win95/98 Dos window.
From the makers of NESticle. This the number one Genesis emulator!
By Bloodlust Software, homepage.

KGen 98 v0.4b - Dos & Win95/98 Dos window. (discontinued)
This is the second best Genesis Emulator.
By Steve Snake, homepage.

GenEm v0.19 - Dos & Win95/98 Dos window. (discontinued)
The first Genesis emulator to have sound.

GenEm95 v0.19 Win95/98 -
Native Win95/98 port of the above.


Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

NESticle - Dos vx.xx  and Win95/98 v0.42. Requires DirectX 3 or up. (ZIP file has the old v0.42 Dos ver. just overwrite it with vx.xx Dos, if you're planning to use both Dos & Win95/98 vers.)
The best NES emulator, with a neat GUI. Runs .nes format.The Win95/98 version (v0.42) has IPX (LAN) and internet play!
By Bloodlust Software, homepage.

fwNES98 - Dos v0.302
The second best NES emulator. Runs ROMs that don't work on NESticle. Also has a a very neat animated icon GUI.
By FanWen Yang, homepage.

FWNes FrontEnd (FWNFE) v0.8.5.5 - a Win95/98 frontend for fwNES Dos.
By P-Funk, homepage.

PasoFami v2.6b - Win95/98 (shareware/discontinued)
An excellent Japanese NES emulator which reads .prg format.
By N.Andou, homepage.
WinG Graphics Library - Required to run PasoFami.
Wavemix16.dll - Also required to run PasoFami, Unzip it to your windows\system directory.
99% Translation for PasoFami (IPS format).
Requires an IPS Patcher.
1. To use unzip to your PasoFami directory
2. Create a shortcut to ips.exe.
3. Right click the shortcut and click on Properties in the popup menu.
4. Click on the Program tab in the Properties window.
5. Click in the Cmd Line space and type the end of the line: pasowing.exe pas26_99.ips
6. Click OK in the Properties window.
7. Double click on shortcut.
8. Now try running the English version of PasoFami, if not working try installing the WinG Graphics Library and wavemix16.dll.
Keys text file for PasoFami, by me.

iNES v0.7 (registered) v0.5 (crippleware) - A crippleware version to download, $35.00 US to buy the registered can order via web, snail mail or phone, For Win95/98. By Marat Fayzullin, homepage.
Crack to get rid of annoying red text in the crippleware version.


Gameboy OriginalGameboy Pocket

Gameboy Original----Gameboy Pocket

VGB-Dos v0.88 - Dos & Win95/98 Dos window.
The second Gameboy emulator. supports color schemes and Super Gameboy.
By Hans de Goede (formerly by Marcel de Kogel), homepage.

VGB-Linux v0.7.12 - Linux port of VGB By Hans de Goede (formerly by Ulrich Hecht/Thierry Lescot), homepage.r

VGB-Windows v1.5 (registered) v0.7 (crippleware) - Windows 95/98 port,  A crippleware version to download.
The latest full version supports emulation for Gameboy Original, Gameboy Pocket, Super Gameboy (an adapter to play Gameboy games on Super NES, in color!), and the new Gameboy Color. Full version costs $35.00 US to order via web, snail mail or phone.
By Marat Fayzullin, homepage.

PalmGB 2.0 beta crippleware, MIPS version, SH3 version  -  a crippleware version of a VGB Windows CE port (hand held PC's running WinCE. e.g PalmPilot).
By Hayes Haugen, homepage.

Gameboy 97 v2.937 - The third best gameboy emulator, has allmost all the features that VGB-Dos has! For Dos & Win95/98 Dos window.
By Paul Robson, homepage.

Atari 2600 VCS

Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS)Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS)

Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS)

Atari PC Emulator v2.1a (Pcae) Click here to download Pcae - The best Atari 2600 on PC!!! It has a simple GUI system and can run Pitfall 2: Lost Caverns!!! It's a Dos emulator but runs flawlessly in a Win95/98 Dos box.
By John Dullea, homepage.

Stella Dos v1.0 by Bradford W. Mott, Win95/98/NT 4/2000 v0.7a & WinNT 4 Alpha v0.7a by Jeff Miller, Power Mac v0.7  by Aaron Giles, Linux v1.0 and Unix/X v1.0 by Bradford W. Mott (original code) - The second best Atari 2600 emulator. Homepage.

Front End For Atari v1.1 (FEFA) - FEFA is a nifty little Win95/98 frontend for Pcae & Stella Dos which displays games' cover art from the original packaging and the manual. Cover art & manuals can be found at The History of Home Video Games' Atari 2600 section.
By Israel Geron T.

z26 v1.31 - A Dos Atari 2600 emulator. For Dos & Win95/98 Dos box.
By John Saeger, homepage.

Z-Type v1.5 - z26 frontend for Win95/98. By Christian Scheafers, homepage.

Game Menu v3.2 - A universal frontend for Dos but works flawlessly in a Win95/98 Dos box. Has mouse support in Dos or Win95/98 Dos box. (good if you choose Stella for Dos.) By Jim Pragit Software, homepage.

Other systems to come!!!

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