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My Austnet FRP Character

I guess you've come here to hear my story... my activation story... I'll try to keep it brief.

Some 35 years ago there lived an old man who lived alone on a planet known as Terra. This old man was very lonely. Fore his wife had passed away many years before and all his children had grown up and moved away to big colonel cities to live a better life.  So he ordered a little helper droid to keep him company.

The droid was very shy and easily scared at first, but it grew to love the old man and the old man treated the little droid as his own son. The old man had named the little droid HipPie (pronounced hipe-pé) from the first two digits from the droid's serial number.

As the years past HipPie intellect grew and his humanity grew as well. HipPie became like a rebellious human teenager, it became more independent and more self-reliant. The old man's bills were huge with HipPie's constant upgrades. The old man was forced to go live with his eldest son in a big colonel city.

(I guess by now you know that I am HipPie, well anyway back to my story.)

I soon joined a battle droid Militia and went on planetary abroad in a for off planetary system. There I met a droid known as GP-8398. She was bright, sleek designed and experienced in combat. We used sit in the Militia's lead ship's Galley and converse, converse on anything. I didn't want to tell her my true feelings.

On one campaign my unit was on stationed on a desert planet. Our objective was to recapture a human base which had been taken by a group of Pirates.  On a mission I and and my team mates were to hit a Pirate weapons depot, to eliminate the Pirate's weapons supply on this planet. I ran with Pulse Gun in hand firing at a defense bee drone. I fired a shot and so did it, the shots collided and I was swallowed by the blast. The next thing I know it I woke up in a strange place, with a mythical elf and a man who looked something like Merlin from the Camelot legends staring at me...


Name:  HP-3879
Nickname: HipPie (pronounced hipe-pé)
Realm/world/planet of Origin: A place known as Terra
Weapons: 2x long Mithril swords, centre twist grenades, flash grenades
Height: 6 foot 22 inches (6' 22")
Weight: unknown
Color: reddish

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