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The New Zealand flag

New Zealand Links - Maybe the best NZ site on the web!

Xtra - Xtra maybe just an ISP run by Telecom NZ, but the site is heaps more! With so much to list! Go check it out for self. You won't be disapointed!

KiwisONLINE - A great site showcasing New Zealanders' personal web pages!

eNZed - Another great NZ infomation site! Featuring quite a bit of stuff.

Search NZ - Maybe New Zealand's best search engine!

NZ Explorer - A reasonable NZ search engine.

Anzwers - A great NZ & Australia Search engine.

Yahoo! Australia & NZ - The Australia & NZ version of the popular Yahoo! search engine.

CityMail - NZ's first free web-mail service with no advertise banners and uses IMAP instead of POP3!

KiwiPages - a free NZ based web page service. But American based free web page services are heaps better.

New Zealand on 3D Altas - Maybe not a link to a page based in NZ, but is very infomant on NZ.

A NZ Map from Binary Bros. - A heavily detailed interactive map. The best map out of the 3 linked on this page!

A NZ Map on MapQuest - Here's a great interactive map! Where people can zoom in on regions, cities and more...

A NZ Map on Loney Planet - Here's a non-interative NZ Map for people who like things to be simple or can not be bothered to wait the time for a interactive to be downloaded.

NZ National Anthem - This site has the words & midi of the NZ National Anthem.

Suite 101 NZ Music section - A great site with interviews done with NZ artists,  reviews of albums and other stuff, link guide for particular NZ artists, etc.

NZ Music - A great NZ music site, with pics from concerts of NZ artists and more...! This site is maintained by the Suite 101 NZ music editor.

Frenz - A excellent site dedicated to Finn brothers, Split Enz, Crowded House, etc.

Scouts NZ - The home of NZ Scouting on the web.

NZ Radio & Television on TvRadioWorld - Has a of list virtually ALL of Radio & TV stations/networks being broadcasted in NZ. Plus links to web pages & e-mails of Radio & TV Stations/Channels that have them.

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