My Galleries

This page contains links to the various galleries on my page, primarily containing pictures of characters from RPG games I either run or participate in.

The first section contains links to the other Gallery sections on my page, for convenient browsing.

The second section is my main galleries, with pictured from current games. Some of the pictures contain slight nudity, so if you have a problem with that, or are under 18, don't go there. (I know, like you'll listen, but I warned you so don't go complaining.)

Other Galleries on this site.

Anime Game: Character pics for my Anime Game.
Champions Game: Character pics for my Champions Game.
Original Gallery Page: My first gallery. Old and out of date, but still some good pics.

Current Galleries - Some R-rated (minor nudity)

Gallery 1: Defenders, LAKnights.
Gallery 2: Heidern, Epic Universe, Seasons of Change, Random pics.
Gallery 3: Xreality
Gallery 4: Troubleshooters, and more random.