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Jenni's Room

Jenni Ognats (aka XS) is my favorite Legionnaire. The granddaughter of Barry Allen (Flash II), Jenni has ablity to move at incredible speeds like her cousin Bart Allen (aka Impulse).

Jenni's Room is still under construction.

A couple pictures of Jenni...

See Jenni in action.

Jenni and Cosmic Boy.

Jenni and Zoe.

Jenni saves Cosmic Boy.

Awwww... somebody loves Jenni .

Not something likely to happen again: Jenni and her Grandfather Barry. Picture by Tony Castrillo.

This is an image by Lee Moder of Jenni that I use for wallpaper in windows...

Jenni Ognats in all her glory, by Humberto Ramos.

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