Full Name:Elizabeth Bathory
Date of Birth:??1560
Date of Death:21, August, 1614
Family:Father-George Bathory, Mother-Anna Bathory, Cousin-Prince Steven Bathory
Known By:The Blood Queen, The Blood Countess
Claim To Fame:Known for torturing and killing over 650 young girls, and was reputed to have bathed in their blood, and even drink it, believing it would make her stay young.

Dates Of Importance:
(1551or1555)-Ferencz Nadasdy is born.
(1560)-Elizabeth is born.
(1575, May 8)-Liz and Ferencz are wed.
(1584)-Steven Bathory is elected king of Poland.
(1585-94)-Liz gives birth to Anna, Ursula and Katherina.
(1598)-Gives birth to Paul.
(1603)-Ferencz becomes ill.
(1604, Jan.4)-Ferencz dies.
(1609)-Anna Darvulia dies.
-Acadamy established at castle
(1610)-Four girls found dead in nearby forest, first inquiries into the crimes.
-Found guilty and walled into castle.
(1614, Jul.31)-Liz dictates her last will and rites.
(1614, Aug.21)-Liz is found dead.
(1658)-Bathory power dies out.
(1991)-Stephan Bathory the Vessel ceases operation.

Methods of Torture
1.)Using an Iron Maiden(a specialized version, that, when activated,pulled the victim inward and forced spikes into her. Elizabeth would have the cage hoisted well above the ground and then poke the virgin with red-hot pokers, so they would impale themselves on the razor-sharp spikes. Liz would sit under the cage, yell obscenities at the victim, and enjoy her "blood shower.")
4.)Branding irons
5.)Molten wax
7.)Covering a nude girl with honey, and then leaving her to be eaten alive by the insects of the nearby forest.
9.)Silver pincers

Atrocities, Of Elizabeth Bathory

The atrocities of Elizabeth have made her as well known as Vlad Dracula. She has been called on of the "first true vampires" History credits her cruelty as horrible, and her torture immense. From scissors to pins and Iron Maidens, Elizabeth seemed to be very specific, and was very versitile in her torturing of over 650 young virgins, some of which were of noble blood.

The tale of Elizabeth's first taste of blood was when her husband, Count Ferencz Nadasy, was away at war. It has changed over the centuries, but the premise remains basically the same. While having her hair brushed by a servant, the girl accidentally pulled her hair. The Countess swiveled around and smacked the girl so hard that she drew blood. The blood splashed on Elizabeth's face, and when she went to clean it off, she saw in the mirror that her skin looked younger than it had before. In order to keep young, she bathed in the blood of young virgins, whose skin and blood was still young and fresh. Eventually, it is said, she did start to drink the blood of her victims..

After years of this continuous torture of peasants, one of Liz' cohorts suggested she make a transition to the blood of Noblewomen.

Soon, after running out of burial space, Liz had several bodies clumsily tossed in the nearby forest, where they were found, and questions about Castle Cachtice were aroused. Elizabeth was caught and brought to justice. She was given two trials. The first trial, on January 2, 1611 at Bytca, 17 testimonies, even those of her accomplices were taken. The second trial, on Jan. 7, 1611. Liz was not allowed to attend either of her trials for some reason, maybe to protect the family name. Three of her accomplices were sentenced to deaths and mutilations. Helena Jo and Dorka were sentenced to "have all the fingernails of their hands torn out by the public executioner with a pair of red-hot pincers...and then thrown alive onto a fire." Ficzko was sentenced to an equally gruesome fate. "decapitation...and then to be burned alive with the others.

Elizabeth, never being convicted of any crimes, was sentenced to Castle Arrest by her cousin Steven, and was walled in the bedroom of her castle. Liz was found dead on her floor in 1614 by a gaurd who was curious as to her appearance and peaked inside through an air slot.

She was 54 when she died, and soon her family power died out as well.

Side Notes:
It might interest that there is a Bathory Movie in progress starring Lorelei Lanford, Frank Langella, and possibly Robert Downey jr.