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On Thursday afternoon, Thanksgiving day, James Stewart, an IRL engineer, took time to talk turkey to eight Pomeroy-Palmer Electrathon Students-Sara S., Megan G., Megan H., Paul R., Matt M., Evan R., John W., and Blake W.

He pointed out that many of the concerns of an electrathon vehicle are also major considerations for Indy racecars. Gear ratio and aerodynamics are critical issues both Indy and Electrathon cars need to resolve. Mr. Stewart was extremely impressed by our vehicle and gave some suggestions to make it even better. He addressed specificly the effects of turbulant air on frontal area and suggested an easy way to check for laminar flow. He also offered an idea for an easy but effective and accurate dynomometer.

Mr. Stewart’s specialties are engines and power train, but he works fulltime on all aspects of the racecar. On race day you will find him setting on top of the semi tractor trailer operating three computers which receive real time information from the car’s sensors. They convey such items as the tire pressure and temperature, rate of fuel consumption, down forces at different locations, and many other complicated bits and bytes.

James Stewart is an engineer for Indy Car # 10 sponsored by VissionAire and driven by John Paul Jr., part of the Cunningham Racing Team.

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