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We are proud to announce our forthcoming titles.

1. Vastushastra : the science of structure The product explains the norms of ancient science of structures. Gives recomendations for arroud 2000 cities and 3000 different conditions. High graphic user interface compatible to Win311 & win95

2. Miss world 1996 : The product giving indepth to the worlds most spectacular beauty paegant. Including fullmotion, full length Music Video, all special events on videos and Profiles of all the contestants with videos and interviews.

3. Sevanjali : the guide to Indias richest temple (Tirupati Balaji) The product gives History, Mythology, architecture and all the things needed for pilgrim to visit this exotic religious place.

4. Basic Designs : The title designed to change the way you look at colours. Gives Interactive exersises to teach you understanding the colours, which will help you in deciding the way you dress, put on Makeup, colour your rooms , etc.

5. Azaadi -- Making of the Nation : the product dedicated to Independance strugle of India.

6. Davat --- The Indian Recepies ... which you can cook & eat tooo...

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