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Homer Simpson
SuperHero Tribute

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Click here and Homer will tell you how great he is
This site is a tribute to one of the greatest superheroes of our time: Homer Jay Simpson.  He is a highly skilled worker, working as a nuclear safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant sector 7G, making our environment just that much safer.

Top SuperHero Characteristics
1)SuperHuman Strength
        the man took canon balls to the gut
2)SuperHuman Intelligence, Click here and Homer will tell you he's smart

Homer Simpson is a great philosopher.  Click here to get a taste of our superhero's philosophy

Click here to hear the cleverest thing Homer ever said
3)The man talks to his brain.
Some of the great conversations that he has had with his brain have enlightened us all as to how to handle our lives.

a)He made a deal with his brain to get him through one more test,
then he would continue to kill it with beer.

b)When his brain tells his mouth not to say something, it doesn't always work.  For example, at the big brother/big sister program office, he is asked why he wants a little brother.  His brain says "Don't say revenge."  Then Homer's mouth says "revenge."
He tells his brain to shutup or he'd have to stab it with a Qtip.

.The man would rather mow Flanders' lawn in his wife's dress just to make Flanders mow his lawn in Maude's dress instead of calling the bet a no contest.

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Created by Syed Ali
Updated on 12/9/98