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Broots Name: Broots,

Aliases: N/A

Location: Blue Cove, Delaware

Occupation: Centre computer technician

Biography: The Centre's resident techno-geek, Broots is a computer wizard. Although he has a very low self-esteem and is always questioning himself, Broots is very capable in his work. He is almost the nerve center of the hunt for Jarod; using his computers to search national newspapers, the Internet, and other sources for any trace of Jarod's whereabouts.

Broots is mostly on the Sydney’s side, seems to sympathize with Jarod, and would probably love to leave the Centre. But he is trapped in doing Rains' work; trapped because of Rains' threats on the life of his young and only daughter.

While despised by Miss Parker, Broots also has been able to take a stand now and then. Once he even got Miss Parker to admit a respect for him. Also, when there's little chance of getting caught, Broots likes to play the occasional practical joke. For instance, when Miss Parker attempted to quit smoking, he called ahead to her hotel and had a pack of cigarettes left on her pillow.

Broots has been instrumental in the hunt for Jarod, utilizing his skills to decipher many of Jarod's ingenious traps and tricks throughout the past year. However it is never entirely clear where Broots' loyalties lie. He has the knowledge and the ability to seriously compromise Centre secrets and he must be watched.