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Jarod Name: Russell, Jarod

Aliases: Spitz, Campbell, Wright, Woods, Felson, Holmes, Starr, Riley, Marley, Cochrane, O'Leary, Vronski, Nobel, Bradley, Chance, Short, Webster, Ventner, St. James, Parker, Marvin, Gardens, Forrester, Forest, Crane, Hallstrom, Randolph, Cody, Doe, Ness, Howard, Cross, Shatner, Adams, Clay, Sedarro, Darell, Patton, Dupont, Lugosi, Jones, Heart, Crockett, Puzo, Leary, Lindsy, Pierce, Barber

Location: N/A

Occupation: doctor, coast guard liutenant, test pilot, security guard, lawyer, police officer, virologist, medical examiner, skydiving instructor, fire fighter, bomb squad officer, prison guard, Naval officer, army ranger, news camaraman, EMT, marine patrol officer, U.S. marshal, assissin, FBI agent, anatomy professor, safecracker, search-and-rescue officer, fashion photographer, plastic surgeon, Army ranger, toxic waste disposal engineer, and just about anything else that he wants to be

Biography: Jarod Russell was born in the late 1950s to early 60s in an unknown location. In 1963 he was kidnapped and taken to the Centre. Under the care of Sydney, his genius was exploited for the Centre's research. Various physical, mental, and emotional tests were preformed on Jarod and others like him. The Centre used his mental capabilities simply to process information.

Jarod was isolated from socioty and was meant to never have personal relationships of any kind. But over time he develop a very limited father/son relationship with Sydney. He also became friends with another young prisoner named Kyle that lived in the cell next to him (whom Jaord later discovered to be his brother). The only other relationship that Jarod had in the Centre was with the young Miss Parker, but it did not have the opportunity to develop because this relationship was just another test controlled by the Centre.

Jarod continued living at the Centre until late 1996 when he escaped. Today he is constantly changing careers to protect the innocent, punish the guilty, and escape from the clutches of Miss Parker who spents every waking moment searching for Jarod. Jarod spends the rest of his free time attempting to learn about the socioty from which he was wrongfully removed and isolated.