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Parker Name: Parker, M.

Aliases: 'pain in the @#$'

Location: Blue Cove, Delaware

Occupation: Centre Security Officer

Biography: Supposed daughter of the Tower chairman, Miss Parker once ran Centre security. Soon after Jarod escaped, she was transferred to lead the hunt for Jarod under a deal with her father: if she catches Jarod, then she gets to leave behind the nightmare of the Centre permanently.

Since moving to the Pretender Project, Miss Parker's focus has shifted somewhat. While still pursuing Jarod, she also searches for keys to the truth about her mother's death. What she has been told was a suicide has turned out to be first degree murder. She has no proof, but the death of her mother seems to have been perpetrated by Mr. Rains.

From Jarod, Miss Parker has learned that her mother was attacked in an elevator and made yearly visits to visit someone in Maine. In late 1997, with Jarod's help, she discovered that Catherine visited an old friend of the family named Ben. On one of those trips Miss Parker was conceived. Her father is not Mr. Parker; her father is Ben.

After her mother's death, Miss Parker was raised by Mr. Parker and a series of all-girl boarding schools. Having little contact with any loving influence, Miss Parker has evolved from a sweet little girl to an independent, ruthless huntress. However, her actions during her last few interceptions with Jarod reveal she may be harboring feelings for him, and remembering her childhood with him in the Centre.