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Rains Name: Rains, William

Aliases: Dr. Billy, 'wheezer'

Location: Blue Cove, Delaware

Occupation: Centre management

Biography: Mr. Rains was the head of SL-27 (Sub-Level 27), where he conducted his own experiments. One of those experiments, a hidden project of Rains', was to create a sociopath, to make an individual far removed from the usual norms. Kyle, Jarodís brother, was the product of that project. He also preformed experiments involving electricution on a young boy named Timmy (now known as Angello) who's brain got 'fried' in one such experiment.

Rains' background is very dark and well hidden. He may have been responsible for Jacob's accident, as well as Catherine Parker's death. Some of the projects he engaged in did not appear to be sanctioned by the Tower, although most of them probably were ordered into action by the Tower. And though he seems to sometimes go over Mr. Parker's head, and to hide things from the Tower, it is usually found that he works under Tower direction on the Centre's more covert projects. It was previously found that he probably had some dealings with the mysterious Mr. Lyle, who he recently replaced Mr. Parker and became head of the hunt for Jarod.

A heavy smoker in his youth, Rains is now attached to his 'pet' oxygen tank, which he takes with him everywhere. He has recently recovered from severe burns that were inflicted when a previously unknown individual shot his oxygen tank, saving Jarodís life. However, it has been revealed that the mysterious shooter is Sydney.