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Sydney Name: Green, Sydney

Aliases: N/A

Location: Blue Cove, Delaware

Occupation: psychologist for the Pretender Project

Biography: Sydney's main function at the Centre is the Pretender Project, where he worked for decades with Jarod. In that time, and since Jarod's escape, Sydney worked on research projects involving identical twins (probably related to the fact that he and his twin brother were tested by Nazi durring the Holocaust). Sydney did a number of joint simulations, using Jarod and Kyle together, and at least one with Jarod and Miss Parker.

Though not fanatical like Rains, Sydney does invest much passion in his work at the Centre, particularly with Jarod. Working with Jarod since he was brought in as a very young boy, Sydney has become like a father to Jarod. He continues to have contact with Jarod, providing him with answers and perhaps a bit of familiarity in a world the he does not yet truly understand.

Though Sydney does aid in the hunt for Jarod, he has been known to hinder it, and if he knows that Jarod could get hurt, he my downright sabotage it, seeming to want Jarod to hold on to his freedom. It seems that for Sydney, Jarod's escape is just as fascinating, if not more so, as his simulations.