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Through this page you will get familiar with Indian terms for various spices and kitchen equipment. To help you better identify these spices the appropriate English names for the same is available in the second coloumn.

List of Indian Spices

Indian Name English Name
Achaar Pickle
Ajwain Carom Seeds or Omum
Aloo Potato
Amchoor Dried Mango Powder
Anaar Pomegranate
Anaardana Pomegranate Seeds
Aatta Whole Wheat Flour
Badaam Almonds
Besan Gram Flour
Bhutta Corn Cobs
Channa Bengal Gram
Channe Ki Dal Split Gram
Chillah Pancake
Dahi Yogurt
Dalchini Cinnamon
Dhania Coriander
Dhania Saboot Coriander Seeds
Garam Masala Mixed Spices
Gobi Cauliflower
Haldi Turmeric
Hing Asafoetida
Chotti Elaichi Green Cardamom
Imli Tamarind
Kaju Plain Cashews [unsalted]
Kala-namak Rock Salt
Kali Mirch Black Pepper
Kali Mirch Saboot Black Pepper Corns
Kalonji Onion Seeds
Karela Bitter Gourd
Kasoori Methi Dry Fenugreek Seeds
Kesar Saffron
Kheera Cucumber
Khoya Dried Whole Milk
Kishmish Raisins
Laung Cloves
Lehson Garlic
Magaz Kernels of seeds of cucumber, melon, watermelon and pumpkin mixed together.
Maida All Purpose Flour
Malai Cream of Milk
Masoor ki dal Lentil
Matar Peas
Methi Dana Fenugreek Seeds
Methi Saag Fenugreek Leaves
Mooli Radish
Moong Ki Dhal Split Green Gram
Moti Elaichi Brown Cardamom
Nariyal Coconut
Nariyal Ka Burada Dessicated Coconut
Palak Spinach
Panner Cottage Cheese
Pista Pistachio Nuts
Pudina Mint Leaves
Rajmah Red Kidney Beans
Rai Black Mustard Seeds
Raita Yogurt mixed with spices, vegetables or fruit
Sabzi Vegetables
Saunf Aniseed
Seviyan Vermicelli
Sirka Vinegar
Suji or Rava Semolina
Tej Patta Bey Leaf
Til Sesame Seeds
Urad Dhuli Split Black Beans
Urad Saboot Whole Black Beans
Vanaspati Solid Vegetable Fat
Zeera Cumin Seeds
Zeera-Bhuna Roasted Cumin Seeds

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List of Kitchen Equipment

Indian Name English Name
Pateela Pots
Karahi or Kadhahi Deep frying pan with handles like a Chinese wok
Karchhi A ladle used for stirring
Tawa Girdle
Chimta Tongs
Pauni Perforated frying spoon
Paraat A utensil in which the dough is kneaded
Chekla-Belan Chakla is a round marble or wooden platform. Belan is the rolling pin.

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