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Welcome to my Guestbook

This page has entries made in Priya's guestbbok during the months of December 1997, January and February 1998. If you have not signed my guestbook as yet please take a minute to do so now.

Name: DawnK
Homepage URL:
Comments: A very nice page with many pretty graphics! I loved the colorful outfits you are wearing in your wedding pictures. The recipes looked interesting. Will have to come back and look over them again. Thanks for visiting my page and signing my guestbook.

Mon Feb 16 08:46

Name: SusieQ
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hi Priya, You left your URL in my Guestbook. *S* You did a great job here. Keep up the good work. Sue

Wed Feb 11 16:31

Homepage URL:
Comments: Kannan and Priya, you've done a wonderful job with the creation of your personal home pages! I love the recipes and intend to try BESAN KA PITHLA after my next trip to town. Thank you for sharing a bit yourselves with me and the rest of the world.

Sun Feb 8 18:54

Homepage URL:
Comments: Thanks so much for leaving your link in my guestbook Priya. I'm still surfing through your pages but wanted to stop and tell you how much I've enjoyed myself here. What is so great and fascinating about the web is that you get to meet such a diverse variety of people. Thanks for letting me step into your culture a little bit. I know I'll be back again... Christy

Sun Feb 8 05:49

Name: Renée
Homepage URL:
Comments: I had an enjoyable visit to your site. Your wedding photos are lovely and your recipes are delicious looking. I can't wait to try some of them! :-)

Sat Feb 7 21:38

Name: Amar
E-mail address:
Comments: All the Priya's seem to have to done a good job with their Web pages. Hey you have a friend by my (first)name, well I was born and broughtup in Madras, my folks come from Banglore, spent all my holidays at Bangalore it is actually my second home. All my cousins live in Bangalore. Goodluck bye.

Fri Feb 6 08:35

Name: Sirene
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hi, thank you for stopping by Sirene Backgrounds and please feel free to use my backgrounds for your Recipes page. Best wishes :-)

Sun Jan 25 00:43

Name: Lucky MB
Homepage URL: http://
Comments: Hi Priya, I can see that a lot of hardwork has gone into the making of this home page and it is worth all the effort. I can see that you've taken care of even the smallest details. Great Work. I wish you many more awards for your work. Lucky

Tue Jan 6 13:15

Name:Fenil Tejookaya
Homepage URL:
Comments: Good work, Priya. Keep it up.

Tue Dec 16 15:34

Name:Anitha Rao
E-mail address:
Comments: Good job Priya! I am impressed.

Thu Dec 11 11:16

Name: shivakumar ramraj
E-mail address:
Comments: nice pages. done a great job! keep it up.

Tue Dec 9 09:16

Name:Jaya Ghosh
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Good Work Priya.

Sat Dec 6 06:31

Name:Harish Manohara
Email Address:
Comments: Coool! Nice work Priya. Very elegant pages.

Fri Dec 5 15:29

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