This Discography was made by the creator of The Unofficial Korn Site and Psycada Inc. thanks him for allowing us to use this dicography...

I think this is pretty much the current complete discography to my knowledge now... I know the guys have been on a few soundtracks too - I'll post up as much as I can about these real soon. Get in touch if you know something I don't. (as always..)

A short note - please don't mail me asking for copies of these items... I simply haven't got the time or the resources to do this for so many people! I'd love to ... but sorry!

"Good God" UK single - disc 1
Washed out looking shot of the band with a dark blue border.

Contains the "Good God" album version, as well as two remixes of the same track - "Mekon Mix" and "Dub Pistols Mix". Additionally there's the "Wicked" "Tear The Roof Off Mix".

"Good God" UK single - disc 2
Washed out looking shot of the band with a dark red border.

Contains "Good God" album version, as well as "Synchro Dub", "Under Pressure Mix" and "Wet Dream Mix" versions of "A.D.I.D.A.S."

Wicked Twisted

"Wicked & Twisted" - bootleg
Another average quality bootleg, with suitably dodgy cover.

Most of the live material here comes from the KROQ Weenie Roast gig at Los Angeles in 1996.

Apparently the "mega-mix" featured on the cover is just eight tracks fading into eachother. Can anyone confirm this?

Blind / Ball Tongue / Lodi Dodi / Divine / Chi / Lowrider / Shoots and Ladders / Predictable / Good God / Faget / Christmas Song (FCC Violation Version) / Lost / Need To / Twist / Helmet in the Bush / Mr. Rogers / Clown / Ass Itch / Shoots and Ladders (Dust Brothers Remix) / No Place To Hide / Lies / A.D.I.D.A.S.

Thanks to Chad Davis, Dave Kalicki and Anthony Sciscione

"A.D.I.D.A.S." USA radio promo
No front sleeve, however the CD print is a close-up of part of the UK covers.

Only contains the Radio Edit of a.d.i.d.a.s.

[a.d.i.d.a.s. 10'' Vinyl]

"A.D.I.D.A.S." UK 10" vinyl single
10" Single in a clear sleeve with the details printed on the jacket

Similar to the CD Disc 1, the tracks are "A.D.I.D.A.S. [Radio Edit]" and just two live tracks; "Chi", and "LowRider/Shoots and Ladders" again, recorded at The Bronco Bowl, Dallas, TX on November 23rd 1996.

Limited Edition, Numbered 1-5000.

[a.d.i.d.a.s. CD Cover]

"A.D.I.D.A.S." UK single - Disc 2
Almost identical to Disc 1, however, it's in a cardboard sleeve and contains a small poster.

Part two of the 2 CD set. Tracks are "A.D.I.D.A.S. [Album Version]" "Faget", "Porno Creep" and "Blind".

[a.d.i.d.a.s. CD Cover]

"A.D.I.D.A.S." UK single - Disc 1
Again, the shadowy face taken from the new CD cover. The 'old' Korn logo makes a re-appearance, stamped on the child's mouth.

Part one of the 2 CD set. Tracks are "A.D.I.D.A.S. [Radio Edit]" and three live tracks; "Chi", "Ball Tongue" and "LowRider/Shoots and Ladders" recorded at The Bronco Bowl, Dallas, TX on November 23rd 1996.

[Life is Peachy CD Cover] i want this cd!

"Life is Peachy"
A young blonde boy looking into a mirror - behind him in his reflection, a taller shadowy figure stands over him.

The new CD... need I say anything else?

[No Place to Hide CD Cover]

"No Place to Hide" European single
Dark shadowy face taken from the new CD cover, with the title appearing to "scratched" onto it.

European release of single, different again to the UK one. Tracks are "No Place To Hide", a strange monophonic version of "Sean Olson (Radio Edit)" and finally, "Lies".

Thanks to Sampo Vesa

[No Place to Hide Vinyl]

"No Place to Hide" UK single - Vinyl
White 7" Vinyl in clear plastic sleeve. Logo and track details printed on sleeve.

Limited Edition 2-track 7" vinyl. Tracks are "No Place To Hide" and "Proud" Copies are numbered 1-7500.

[No Place to Hide CD Cover]

"No Place to Hide" UK single - Disc 2
Dark shadowy face taken from the new CD cover, with the title appearing to "scratched" onto it. The sleeve is tinted red to differentiate it from disc 1

Second part of the 2 CD set. Tracks are "No Place To Hide", "Shoots and Ladders (Dust Brothers Hip Hop Mix)" and "Shoots and Ladders (Dust Brothers Industrial Mix)". Incidentally, on the CD sleeve and even on the CD itself, the Dust Brothers mixes are printed in the wrong order.

[No Place to Hide CD Cover]

"No Place to Hide" UK single - Disc 1
Dark shadowy face taken from the new CD cover, with the title appearing to "scratched" onto it.

Part one of the 2 CD set. Tracks are "No Place To Hide", "Sean Olson" and the previously unreleased "Proud", taken from the "Life is Peachy" sessions.

[No Place to Hide CD Cover]

"No Place to Hide" USA promo
Dark shadowy face taken from the new CD cover, with the title appearing to "scratched" onto it.

Epic/Sony promo release from the new CD, primarily sent out for radio play. Contains the title track only.

"No Place to Hide" USA promo
Plain black sleeve, with CD showing through a cut-out circle in it.

Limited run of the "No Place to Hide" promo, notably different due to the usage of the original Korn logo on it.

Photo coming soon!

[Live at the Palace CD Cover]

"Live at the Palace, Los Angeles, CA"
Vertical green Korn logo, overlaid onto the (negative) photo of Jonathan as seen on the "Live, Demo's and Blind" CD. The title is printed in the top centre, in small red lettering.

Absolutely identical in content to "Live, Demo's and Blind", below.

Thanks to Eric and cheshire

[Live, Demo's and Blind CD Cover]

"Live, Demos & Blind"
Korn in yellow in the upper left hand of CD case. Altered (negative) photo of a "glowing" Jonathan singing on the right. Bottom left shows the name of CD in vertical letters in a red orange colour.

Bootleg release, available on Blizzard Recordings. Contains several live tracks, the original demos (as below), and the Christmas Song.

[Sepultura - Roots Artwork]

Sepultura - "Roots"
Painting of a traditional Brazilian tribesman, replete with face-paint.

Latest Sepultura album on Roadrunner Records, released March 1996. Jonathan Davis contributes vocals to track "Lookaway", David contributes extra percussion on "Rattamahatta".

"Shoots and Ladders - The Dust Brothers Mixes"
10" Vinyl in clear plastic wallet with red writing on it.

  1. Hip-Hop remix
  2. Hyper remix
  3. Industrial remix
  4. Industrial instrumental

[Christmas Song Vinyl]

"Christmas Song"
Generic Immortal Records sleeve, red vinyl.

Available only on 12" red vinyl, very limited pressing of 150-200 copies. Contains "Christmas Song" (Blatant FCC Violation Version) and the censored "Christmas Song" (Squeak by the FCC Version)

[Blind UK 10'' Cover]

"Blind" UK promo
Light grey sleeve with large black Korn logo.

Limited edition 10" vinyl only - released in UK to coincide with CD release in November 1995. Contains album versions of Blind and Fake, plus the previously unreleased Sean Olson.

[Shoots & Ladders CD Cover]

"Shoots and Ladders" promo
Picture of band on it with Korn at the top in red lettering.

CD promo, contains radio edit of "Shoots and Ladders", as well as "Sean Olson".

[Clown CD Cover]

"Clown" promo
Color photo of the baby from inside the KoRN album on it.

[Blind USA CD Cover]

"Blind" USA promo
Photo of baby doll with beetle - as seen inside album sleeve of "Korn".

CD promo, with just "Blind" on it.

[Korn CD Cover]

i want this cd!

"Korn" CD
Young girl on swing, shadow of a figure overlooking her holding a, uh 'horseshoe'

Originally released in October 1994, a UK release didn't happen until November 1995!

"Neidermeyers Mind" demo
Has a picture of a rag doll leaning against a barbed wire fence on it.

In addition to "Blind" and "Predictable", contains alternative version of "Daddy", less emotional - more hip-hop in style with different lyrics. Also, a song called "Alive" that eventually evolved into "Need To".

Sex Art - "Cultivation '92"
No Description

Bakersfield, California's "Cultivation '92", a showcase for local talent, featured Jonathan whilst he was still singing lead for the band. This was just before they competed in - and won - the "Marquee"'s battle of the bands. It was soon after that, that Davis split to L.A. with the guys from L.A.P.D.

[LAPD CD cover]

L.A.P.D. - "Who's Laughing Now"
Digitised photo of Munkey, David, Fieldy & vocalist Richard with faces pressed up against some glass

Funky 1991 release on Triple X records, back when Munky still played widdly screaming solos! There's some Korn riffs hidden in there too... for example the track "Excuse Me" is an early predecessor to "Need To".

L.A.P.D. - "Love and Peace, Dude"
LAPD on the front with some some graffiti scene in the background (typical of any old Chili Peppers album cover)

Three-track vinyl EP from 1988- featuring "James Brown", "Jesus", and "Stinging Like a Bee." There's a great picture of them on the back with their long hair and everything. They all have it...even Fieldy. It's all pretty funky, with a definite connection to their (at the time) Faith No More influence. "Jesus" has the closest thing to a Korn guitar part, otherwise it's all pretty different to the Korn of today.

Thanks to Bob Maling