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Planet Otaku is dedicated to anime.
The Queen loves anime and some of her favorites are Slayers,
Ranma 1/2, Magical Knight Rayearth, Lost Universe, and some others.
She can read some Japanese that is usually in kana.
She can also speak some Japanese (understanding is another thing).
She might not get around to updates often because her classes are rather demanding,
but then again it might get more updates than before.
She laments that High Shcool was easier but enjoys sleeping in, when she can.
This page will get a total facelift when the queen gets arround to it.

The links of Planet Otaku

A page of odd stuff
My OLD Sailor Chibi Moon page
No need for Washuu
Sailor Moon
No need for Tenchi sounds
Planet Otaku's favorite sound library
No Need For Links
Otaku_Sorceress's in progress page
Music Muyo!
Orchard Radio is a web radio station that The queen has some time to be the "producer" of that she called Music Muyo!
RanmaMuck homepage
RanmaMuck is a mucking environment where you can get a character if you are
really nice to one of the wizzes. If you don't know much about Anime don't go mucking
there because you have to act in character once you get a character. If you do
go mucking there, I'm Hikari, a Magical Girl, not Hikaru's dog. I can be found at
Juraihelm (NOT Planet Jurai) which you can find by going to the Nexus.
Wizzywig Collectibles
A rare link, the only reason it's here is that the store is an Otaku's Heaven,
they have all sorts of stuff. To look at what they have go to the shop link.

NEW Links

A place that the queen is at just about every day. Beware ye with roomates
My trip to the British Isles (with pictures)
Magical Project S page
A Card Captor Sakura page

Comming soon to a link near you....... (or semi-finished pages)

Warning There may be pages for these links but they are most likely under construction
The queen's book review
A Slayers page
A Dragon Ball Page
A Ruroni Kenshin page

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