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The Reforming and Congregational Church, East Geelong
Maintaining the Evangelical and Trinitarian Faith of Historic Christianity

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Welcome to our web site. We hope these pages are a helpful introduction to our Church, and that the literature provided is edifying. Please contact us or leave a note in the Guestbook (see below) if you have any feedback. We welcome visitors to our meetings, and appreciate hearing from our friends and brethren around the world.

New publications and updates to this page are being added in PDF format. Please contact us if the PDF format causes any problems & we will send you a different format. (Visit to download a free PDF reader if you don't have it.)

To God be the Glory!


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For a simple presentation of the Christian Gospel, may we suggest you read the sermon below by Robert Murray McCheyne on "The Love of Christ". The literature by Charles Haddon Spurgeon is also helpful for those seeking Gospel blessings!

Effective Prayer,
by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
How To Read The Bible,
by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
The Love Of Christ (A sermon on 2 Cor. 5:14),
by Robert Murray McCheyne
A Letter on Images,
by D.R. Trethewie
Faith in God and Modern Atheism Compared ,
by James Buchanan D.D., LL.D. (1804-70)
The Sands of Time are Sinking,
by Anne Ross Cousin,
adapted from Samuel Rutherford (with biographical notes)
A Critique of Cornelius Van Til,
Being a Defence of Traditional Evidential Christian Apologetics,
by D.R. Trethewie
Or in PDF Format (most recent revision)
An Apology for the Congregational Way,
by D.R. Trethewie
(revised and expanded June 1998)
A Letter to the Banner of Truth Magazine
Concerning Textual Criticism of the New Testament
by D.R. Trethewie
A Critique of Francis Schaeffer,
by D.R. Trethewie
A Critique of Kuyperianism,
by D.R. Trethewie
Verification of the New Testament,
by D.R. Trethewie
Miracles and Second Blessings
by D.R. Trethewie (PDF format)
Prayer Reasonable
by Robert L. Dabney (PDF format)

A Theodicy
by James Buchanan (PDF format)
Robinson Crusoe's Text
A Sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
on Psalm 50:15 (PDF format)
NEW (January 2003)
God Forbids Images In Worship
by D.B.Knox (PDF format)
NEW (January 2003)
Extracts From The Anglican (Church Of England) Homily Against Peril Of Idolatry
(We have unfortunately had some minor Hebrew font problems in the PDF file)


Links to some high quality Christian literature and other information available free on the internet.


Greek and Hebrew fonts in the public domain, provided by Sage Software ( These true-type fonts - Gideon Medium [Hebrew] and Koine Medium [Greek] - are useful for viewing some of the documents on these web pages. The fonts can be used in Windows® 3.1 and Windows® 95. Download as an 89 KB zipped file.

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