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Alice and Jerry Books were not just published by Row, Peterson but also by Harper and Row. AND there were several versions for both companies. I have compiled a detailed list of this information.

Meanwhile, if you look inside the front covers of your collection, you will find one of these sets of phrases:

  • The Alice and Jerry Basic Readers
  • The Alice and Jerry Basic Reading Program
  • The Alice and Jerry Books: Reading Foundation Series
  • The Alice and Jerry Basic Readers: Reading Foundation Program
  • The New Alice and Jerry Books: Reading Foundation Series.

Row Peterson Golden Anniversary Books

If you have a 1957 book, look inside on the title page. If it is published by Row Peterson and you see a gold seal, you have a Golden Anniversary edition. These are special collectibles that were printed in their 50th publishing year. Pre-primers, as always, are more special because smaller children used the books and not as many survived. The better the condition, the more valuable the book.

Book List

Here is a basic list of titles common to all the series:
  • Here We Go (diagnostic reading readiness)
  • Over the Wall (developmental reading readiness)*
    Softcover Pre-primers
  • Happy Days (readiness pre-primer)
  • Here and There (basic pre-primer)
  • Rides and Slides (second pre-primer)
  • City Days City Ways (third pre-primer)
    Hardback Pre-primers* also available in softcover
  • Skip Along ( first preprimer)
  • Under The Sky ( second preprimer)
  • Open the Door (third preprimer)
  • High on a Hill (fourth preprimer)
  • Day In and Day Out (basic primer)
  • The Wishing Well (parallel primer)
  • ??(first year reading readiness)Do you know these?
  • Round About (first reader)
  • I Know A Story (first wonder story book)
  • Anything Can Happen (parallel first reader)
  • Down the River Road (second year reading readiness)
  • The Friendly Village (basic second reader)
  • It Happened One Day (second wonder story book)
  • Neighbors on the Hill (parallel second reader)
  • Through the Green Gate (third year reading readiness)
  • If I Were Going (basic third reader)
  • After The Sun Sets (third wonder story book)
  • The Five-and-a-Half Club (parallel third reader)
  • ??(fourth year reading readiness)Do you know these?
  • The Singing Wheels (basic fourth reader)
  • It Must Be Magic (fourth wonder story book)
  • ??(parallel fourth reader)?
  • ??(fifth year reading readiness)Do you know these?
  • The Engine Whistles (basic fifth reader)
  • They were Brave and Bold (fifth wonder story book)
  • ??(parallel fifth reader)?
  • ??(sixth year reading readiness)Do you know these?
  • Runaway Home (basic sixth reader)
  • ??(sixth wonder story book)?
  • From Codes To Captains (parallel sixth reader)

Keep in mind that this is a listing of ALL Harper & Row and Row, Peterson books I know exist. Some are not in the same sets. There were at least five different yet almost identical sets produced. The books are identical except in small ways and interchangeable for home-school use or collecting.

Email me if you can name books that need to be on this list.


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