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Raye & Serenaís Friendship Page

Welcome to my Raye & Serenaís Friendship page! This is my contribution to the crsade to prove Raye's innocence!
Now, before you accuse me of ripping off another page called Rei & Usagi Friendship page please note that this page is fully approved by the writers of that site, i.e. Apatt and Psyber.. In fact, I proposed the idea to them and both encouraged me to do it.

I felt this page would be a good idea because a lot of people seem to think that all DiC Sailor Moon fans hate Raye, this just ain't so! Quite a few of us love her!

The background here was downloaded from the SM Toolbox. I donít really know how to make backgrounds ^^;;; This page, as you can guess, is based on the DiC or NA dub Sailor Moon.

This is just a small home page as this is my first one and I donít have a lot of time, this is what I have here:

Thank you visitor no.