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Lakeside International Raceway..
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Starting from the "Main Straight",running clockwise..1st bend is called "The Kink"..2nd bend is "The Karasel"..a double right hand bend..Coming out of that you come to the "Bus Stop"..a fast left/right set of bends..Then under the "Dunlop Bridge"..down hill to the sharp left hand corner known as "Hungry Corner"..Then up hill and around the "Eastern Loop" and down to "Shell Corner" and back on the "Main Straight".

A Lakeside "Hot Lap"..!!

Just imagine that you are strapped in my race car and you are going to go for a ride with me around the Lakeside track..Imagine that you are wearing a full body race suit and helmut..and that the outside temperature is around the 30c mark..(about 90f..for those not into c's..)
We take off at a medium pace to warm up the tyres and brakes,as we head on down to the "Hungry Corner" we start to increase the pace some the time we reach "Shell Corner"..we are travelling at near to full pace..
Ok..Here we go..We are now on our way to do a
"HOT LAP"..!!
We cross the Start/Finish line in 4th gear, foot flat to the boards..doing around 5,000+ revs..and building..
We drift over to the right side of the track for the approach to the "Kink" about 170 kph (105 mph), we aim for the apex of the corner and ride the ripple strip..Our speed is approaching 180 kph (110 mph)..
We keep the car on the left side of the track to line up for the "Karasel Corner"..Our speed is 180+ kph and doing 6,000+ revs..
"Karasel Corner" is a double right hand bend..with the outer edge of the bitumen sloping the wrong way..
At around the 100 foot mark..we drop down to 3rd gear and stand on the brakes..pulling the car up in about 30 feet..doing some 115 kph..and steering into the apex of the first corner, allowing the car to drift out and come back for the second part of the corner..
As we exit from the corner..I notice that the tacho is reading 5,100 revs..letting the car drift out to the left side of the bitumen..holding onto this line, we stand on the gas pedal and get the revs buildng again..allowing us to come over the hill flat chat in 3rd gear..
As we come down thru the "Bus Stop"..reving out to around 7,000 revs..we slap 4th gear and floor it again..cut the corner and drift out to the edge under the "Dunlop Bridge"..aiming for the "Hungry Corner"..A sharp, almost a 90 degree bend..
As we approach "Hungry Corner", and at around 140 kph (90 mph)..we shift to the right of the track and at about 80 feet we shift down to 3rd gear and stand on the brakes, steering into the apex of the corner..
With foot on the gas pedal..we hit the ripple strip and allow the car to drift out to the right side of the track..
Quickly shifting to the left side of the track..we set ourselves up for the ride around the "Eastern Loop"..
We back off the gas abit and steer into the corner, feathering the gas, we ride the ripple strip and allow the car to drift abit, then steer the car back into the second part of the corner..
As we exit the corner.. we allow the car to drift right out to the edge of the track, grabbing 4th gear, we aim for the apex of "Shell Corner"..Cutting it as fine as..we drift out of it to the left edge of the "Main Straight" with our foot firmly planted on the gas pedal..
Straightening up, we head for the Start/Finish line..crossing it at about160 kph..
So there you have "HOT LAP" around the Lakeside Track..!!
Now you can go and empty your!!

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