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Welcome to the

AK-47 is a communist punk band from Victoria BC, Canada.  The members are...
Dave: Bass guitar He's also the guitarist and singer in a local band called Hudson Mack
Tony:Guitar and Vocals He's also the bass player for Hudson Mack
Rob:Lead guitar I don't think he's in any other bands
Luke:Drums He's also in Luke Puke and the Babachucks and Goat Boy
If you think about it, ants atre a big group of communists, They all  have specific Jobs and only work for the good of the colony
The potential for great change
Yes it can be done
Liberating the oppressed
Yes the time will come
                                                                        Lyrics by Dave(Hudson Mack)

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 This Site Was created and maintained by:Rob
with helpful input from Dave(see you at the next show)
Thanks to Rob, Luke, Dave & Tony for writing the music that made me make this site.
And a special thanks to the people who hit this site.
Viva Sendero
(Victory to the people of the world)